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Lucid Dream Memory Triggered by dbd

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I was pottering about Yamaokas' Estate when I came across an oak / maple tree in its autumn state of orange embers with falling leaves spinning to the ground . . .

. . . when I was reminded of a lucid dream I had years ago, where ever since if I see spinning orange oak / maple leaves I know I am in a dream which triggers the lucid state where I can take over (wow that gif is bad quality lol You can almost see the falling leaves?)

Heres a better picture:

Seeing this trigger in a game I'm playing in real life was quite an amusing thing in that respect, it was as if it was the universes way of telling me that the reality I thought I knew was in fact a dream of some sort that I was observing in an as of yet unaware state.

Regarding the dream in question I was simply in my room when all these autumn leaves appeared, spinning as they fell. What was odd about them was they where really small (besides being in my ROOM) and that's what woke me within the dream. I then decided to look in the mirror and oh my &#^#@ god the thing that was looking back at me. There are no words I can assure you.

My reflection was blurry as if phasing in and out of existence, whatever it was inside the mirror decided to open its eyes and mouth gaping maw which curled up into a grin of un natural size, within appeared to be a black infinite abyss is all I can describe it as

Just thought I'd share. lol.


  • TricksTricks Member Posts: 957
    edited January 2021

    You can't make this kind of stuff up lol. True story (or as true as a lucid dream can be at least - bearing in mind the brain can't tell the difference between dream and reality) Moral of the story, I absolutely do not recommend looking into a mirror if you find yourself awake within your own dream. lol

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