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Disconnection Penalties

Good afternoon, I was having problems with my computer, and because of this, the game was closing in the middle of matches, I have no desire to disconnect from matches, I sent the crash report every time, and now whenever I am disconnected I get a whole day of penalty. I managed to fix the error on my computer, but today my internet went down and I received another 24-hour penalty .. please, I ask you to reset my disconnection penalties, for the beginning, because it will be difficult to play the game every 24 hours


  • AdrianoLucasAdrianoLucas Member Posts: 10

    Now i get the message from the support, that it is not possible to do anything .. how come it is not possible? why am I going to send a crash report if you're not going to help fix it? even my ticket about the crashes have been open for 3 days and nobody returns to me, I had to react on my own, now they can't help me with a simple disconnection penalty ?? remove this penalty soon, who is harmed are the players loyal to the game, those who leave the game or spend money on the game, and take the penalty and go to play another game. I'm very frustrated!

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