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Devs, I would like to buy some cosmetics but..

AnotherRandyAnotherRandy Member Posts: 274
edited September 2018 in General Discussions
The game doesnt run as good as the first days, u completely missed the optimisation and performance patches. I'm already playing on low and 0% and window mode 720p, and I hardly get 30 fps. If u would do some optimisation, I would be more motivated to buy cosmetics so I can SEE the stuff at least. 

For those who want to say "upgrade ur pc blablabla"
No. Back in the days I played on medium 100% fullscreen mode in 1080p and I had 50 fps constant. Just look at the difference now, I'm not going to fire up hundreds of dollars just to play one game good. Any other games I play work fine
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