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So about 99% gates, how about this?

megaweeniemanmegaweenieman Member Posts: 323
edited January 2021 in Feedback and Suggestions

If EGC doesn’t activate after the last gen then make it so that you are trapped in the animation of opening the gates so you can’t back out once you start. Just like how they implemented it for killers who were being toxic spamming the start of a mori animation over and over .


  • notstarboardnotstarboard Member Posts: 3,636

    It takes like 20 seconds to open a gate. If you're trapped in the animation for 20 seconds then it's just a free grab for the killer.

  • JinSimeJinSime Member Posts: 405

    The thing is if you want the EGC to start, you have to open the gate yourself. That's your choice to make. Besides, not always 99 the gates help.

  • megaweeniemanmegaweenieman Member Posts: 323

    But the counter argument to that is that the killer would have to leave the hook which still puts survivors at an advantage either way of dictating when EGC initiates.

  • bm33bm33 Member Posts: 5,323

    EGC was created to put an end to the game due to hatch standoffs/survivors holding game hostage after opening gates. It was not created to help killers get kills. Open the gate if you want EGC to start as soon as the gens are completed.

  • kaijudanekaijudane Member Posts: 139

    We got the endgame collapse because gamers can be so selfish and worthless that survivors and killers would stand off at the hatch like #########. Blame them.

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