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Just out of curiosity: yay or nay?

Just want to see what everyone else thinks of this. Answer with Yay or Nay.

I can live without Self Care, Decisive Strike and No One Escapes Death if aura reading perks are removed from the game. (Both survivor and killer sided)

My answer is Yay.

While I must confess I pretty much live by Self Care and since I started playing solo also Empathy and will absolutely miss them I just have a immense hatred towards only beeing found because of aura reading.


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    Nay. Even though I am not a frequent user of the perks you mentioned, aura reading is a very good tool and doesnt deserve half the complaints it gets. 
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    Devs buffed aura Perks recently for a reason, and they didn't cave in to the crying of Survivors about B&C for a reason.
    Without aura Perks, games can become incredibly boring, especially since everyone and their mother is a [BAD WORD] bloody Claudette.

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