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What If Trapper Had A Preperation Phase?

Title. Although I could see many pros and cons to this...

Pros: Trapper would know the map before the survivors. Allowing him to plan ahead.

He's infamous for having to set his traps before he can engage the survivors. This in most cases costs him a gen. If he was allowed to place traps before hand then he can jump straight in to the hunt like other killers.

Knowing where traps were placed in prep can help Trapper lure Survivors in to deadzone's or a trapped loop, making him abit nastier in chases

However there's some Cons

Certain areas can't be trapped in the prep phase such as survivors spawn points. However after the prep phase it's fair play. But Survivors could still abuse this information

Trapper has 60 seconds of prep time. After that he's on his own in terms of laying out traps, if the time isn't used well then it would be pointless.

When is prep time? I had 2 suggestions but both have huge negatives

Prep time 1: BEFORE THE MATCH, instead of readying up instantly the player can chose to prep traps. They load in to the map solo and can place traps, added bonus he can see any hex totems he has and can put traps out to defend it.

The problem? What if Trapper joins a session that's full of survivors? Fret not I have a plan.

When Trapper spawns a countdown similar to the EGC will begin. After that time he's teleported back to his starting position. By this time survivors will load in and the match can start.

Prep Time 2: The survivors spawn with Trapper however are blocked by the entity.

This would solve any loading time problems that come with prep time 1. However, there's afew issues with this..

1. Survivors may see where Trapper places Traps

2. They'd just be sitting there for 60 seconds but still be "Playing"

3. If Trapper wants he dosent have to place traps and instead just camp a survivors starting position.

So let me know your thoughts. Maybe you know a better way to execute a prep phase for Trapper? Honestly I'd just love to see more Trapper at Red ranks. But currently he can't compete against someone like Nurse or Spirit.

Side note this is actually my first idea type post like this. Go easy on me pwease


  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 5,229
    edited January 2021

    Most of the problems with trapper are because he has so many weaknesses. His lack of early game has always been one I felt was fine; given his potential to snowball and turn dire situations around so easily.

    He's the only character in the game that has to worry about things like, luck offerings, and maps and OoO and other aura reading perks. He is more vulnerable to things like DS and dead hard and other meta perks than most killers. RNG was a problem too but it's finally being made at least a bit better; but the point is he has a pile of unnecessary weaknesses.

    I think the first thing we need to do is fix those first (and maybe give him brown bag as base kit) and then see where he stands.

    Effective and thoughtful management of your traps and early game has always felt like more of a core to his kit- I think things literally deleting his ability to even use his power at all that game, form a bigger problem.

    Edit: If an early game prep was to be done/added to him, honestly just making him undetectable and immune to all aura reading for the first part of the game or until he hits a survivor would be enough. The problem is some clown with OoO can just be like "He trapped shack corner....he is placing one by loop nearby on the outside of it...." if you at least have surprise then your early game can pay off when done properly.

    Also this is supposed to go to suggested changes section so a mod will move it shortly.

  • RydogRydog Member Posts: 3,203

    What if Trapper didn't have to pick his power up off the floor constantly?

    Also, they were talking about some sort of start-of-game preparation phase like a year ago, but none of these ideas ever come to fruition.

  • UistreelUistreel Member Posts: 619

    Yeah it's interesting, but I don't want to sit there for over a minute waiting to play

  • bknbkn Member Posts: 228
    edited January 2021

    I hope there will be no rework because he is fun to play. All he needs are some simple buffs... not picking up traps, auto trap reset, 1 more trap at the start and he will be very powerful...maybve too powerful already.

    He shouldnt be a freddy 2.0 that is extremely good and simple to play aswell. He should still be good for beginners to learn the game without being a anti loop machine for people that are very good with him.

    the fun part about him is that you can actually play him very tactical... and that is very rare in this game.

  • spenzomaticspenzomatic Member Posts: 139

    Make two traps basekit and remove the ability for him to step in his own traps and I would be happy. SWF+OOO is a tough one to remedy.

  • HeartboundHeartbound Member Posts: 2,808

    Honestly I'd just make some traps spawn open and in common trapper spots. It'd teach newbie trappers good places to trap and give Trapper early pressure.

  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 3,842

    Quality improve list:

    1. Start with 1 traps, able to carry 2. (so not affect Brown bag addon)
    2. Traps spawn 20-30m away from edge of map.
    3. Let him see basement, Gates location

    Just these and I believe he will be much more better

  • CLB198CLB198 Member Posts: 268

    My idea of this is

    Prep mode

    Trapper holds all of his traps and sets them instantaneously

    Move speed increased by 45%

    Is completely invisible

    Can't see survivors

    When out of sight Press secondary ability button to exit this mode for the rest of the game

    All remaining traps over cap are randomised around the map

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