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Good spirit builds???

I'm working my way to getting spirit and I'm looking for good builds

Perk, Perk, Perk, Perk

Add-on, Add-on

(optional) Reasons why you chose the add on's and/or perks


  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 3,821

    If your new to the game and don't have a lot of perks you should level up Nurse first. A very good early build for Spirit is.

    • Nurse's Calling
    • Thanatraphobia
    • Sloppy Butcher
    • Stridor

    Once you get better perks you can change them. I'll name good perks for her now.

    • Corrupt + Pop
    • Ruin + Undying
    • Monitor
    • Stridor
    • Sloppy
    • Survillence (Especially if your using Ruin)

    Any combination of these I'd say are good. You want slowdown and as a new player you probably want to use Stridor to hear people better.

    As for add-ons use speed and charge activation add-ons first. Duration is also pretty decent.

  • This is good but i have problem with stridor, they may sound closer than they are and I may overshoot my calling.

  • TheGannManTheGannMan Member Posts: 1,704

    As a Spirit main, you will need perks that help slow down the game and perks to find people.

    Stridor is obviously the best choice because it counters Iron Will, but once you get better with her you can definitely learn to play without it.

    I would also recommend BBQ and Chili or Thrilling Tremors. Spirit is all about offense and creating map pressure as these perks will help you do that after hooking a survivor.

    Spirit can also struggle with finding survivors and traversing the map, so I'd also invest in Whispers if finding survivors is something you struggle with.

    Game slowdown perks like Sloppy Butcher, Surge, Pop Goes the Weasel, and Thanatophobia are good choices as well.

    Perks you should NOT be investing in are things like Enduring, Spirit Fury, Brutal Strength, and Bamboozle. These perks help you with ending chases faster as this is just wasted perk slots for Spirit because her 1v1 is already insane and the only reason she's top tier.

    Another perk I wouldn't recommend is Predator. This perk will hurt you more than it helps you. You need to learn how scratch marks appear naturally anyway.

    Now for her add ons, I would invest in activation charge and speed add ons the most. Reason why these two are the most important is because they enhance what Spirit does to such a degree, which is catching survivors off-guard and giving them no reaction time. Duration and recovery add ons are helpful too, but always prioritize activation charge and speed add ons more. Don't bother with the passive phasing add ons as passive phasing isn't something you should be relying on.

  • YordsYords Member Posts: 4,143

    I sort of disagree using M&A on spirit because while it does reduce her terror radius to 16m it doesn't change the whisp noise range when she phases (24m), no perk can do that.

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 3,821

    It's meant to get you closer to the survivor for the early hit. I secondly believe it can be quite good for hiding your phase from any nearby survivors, so you can maybe good a gen grab or something.

  • ShamelessPigMainShamelessPigMain Member Posts: 1,464
    edited January 11

    For a beginner (tracking)

    1. Stridor - To increase aural tracking.
    2. Predator - To help make tracking by scratch marks more precise.
    3. Sloppy Butcher - Game slowdown and tracking.
    4. Hex: Ruin - So you can focus on chasing down survivors.


    1. Father's Glasses - To help tracking.
    2. Yakuyoke Amulet - To help you stay in haunting for longer.

    For a more advanced player

    1. Hex: Ruin - Spirit can invest her power into either chases or mobility. Focusing on chases will pressure survivors off of generators, at which they automatically regress. That way, you can just worry about getting downs.
    2. Surveillance - When a survivor lets go of a generator, the generator will turn white since ruin makes it automatically regress. When they return, it turns yellow. Good tracking to know if you should go for the grab or if they're walking away.
    3. Sloppy Butcher - All around good slowdown.
    4. Knockout - Spirit can be surprisingly good at slugging, considering how easily she can get downs.
    5. Optional tracking perk (Predator/Stridor) - Eventually, you won't need these, but you can substitute knockout for one of these if you're not there yet.
    6. Infectious Fright - Feel free to replace knockout with this. Even though spirit has a smaller terror radius, it can let you know if you should slug or if there's another victim you can easily go for. When two survivors are downed, the pressure racks up immediately. With Ruin/Surveillance, you can see which generators begin to regress, and thus anticipate which direction survivors will come from.


    (Ruin/Surveillance value)

    1. Prayer Beads - The global sound cue will scare all survivors; look for which generators turn white.
    2. Mother Daughter Ring - You can go incredibly far with this add-on, making it quickly to generators. If you are still dependent on scratch marks, maybe use Yamuyoke amulet since MD ring takes away the ability to see scratch marks.

    (FNAF Jumpscares)

    1. Katana Tsuba - Increases reappearance speed and duration. If you don't know already, when you exit your haunting, you keep your momentum for a split second where you travel at haunting speed and then slow down to normal speed, like a car traveling at a hundred Mph and slamming the brakes. Katana Tsuba essentially makes the brakes weaker, and makes it so that you get a slight speed boost before you press the breaks.
    2. Wakizashi Saya - The same thing as Katana Tsuba but with a greater effect. This can make absolutely ridiculous lunges from downtown. If the car analogy didn't do it for you, while haunting, you move at 176% speed, compared to 110% normal speed. When you stop haunting, you continue to move at 176% for .5 seconds. With the Saya, you continue to move at around 176% (or even higher) for about 1 second. This build will only work if you have incredible tracking skills.

    (Generically good addons)

    1. Yamuyoke Amulet - Greater duration is always good.
    2. Dirty Uwabaki - Moving faster is great too. Faster and longer are plain good for her.

    (Mediocre learner addons)

    1. Rusty Flute - See the next description.
    2. Rin's Broken Watch - Faster recovery means you can use the power more. With how difficult it is, you're going to be using her power a lot as you get used to her.

    (I'm already good enough at tracking addons)

    1. Mother-daughter ring - I am speed
    2. Yamuyoke Amulet - I am speed for a few seconds longer.

  • AxeAxe Member Posts: 1,030

    Stridor, devour hope, thrill of hunt, bbq

  • chatgiraffechatgiraffe Member Posts: 4

    I would consider myself a good spirit (not that its that hard to be good with her lul) and i basically have the same build every game

    Save The Best For Last - Spirit does best against injured survivors, so being able to injure someone and then be able to use your power/swing again faster is very good. plus, if survivors try bodyblock or otherwise swarming tactics, you can injure one person, then just phase and hit them easy.

    Stridor - like i've said, good vs injured survivors and also counters iron will. can mess you up if you take it on/off so i recommend either using it all the time or not using at all to get used to how close survivors are via noise

    BBQ and Chili - hee hee bloodpont. also being able to see a survivor across the map sometimes isnt that useful since most of the time you should use your power once you reach them and not for movement, consider swapping for Infectious Fright if you like slugging.

    Ruin - the best slowdown perk, and spirit can actually defend it decently well. if you find it being cleansed you can use more solid slowdowns like Pop or Corrupt.

    Addons: The Increased Power Charge and Increased Post Phase Lunge/Speed addons, which let you start phasing quickly and then lunge really far to an injured survivor. this is good for the "curb stomp" style of spirit where you want to chase and down as fast as possible, with the highest level of those two addons, any injured survivor close to you is basically dead.

    Next is the Speed/Duration ones. Very solid and simple, can use for travel and chase, plus the duration addons have the effect of increasing the recharge rate as well. these are useful for chasing healthy survivors as well because you have more time to predict them.

    course, the best way to play spirit is with a pair if headphones and the ability to not care about what survivors think, so just work on those as well.

  • scottyj555scottyj555 Member Posts: 23

    Try this one....have been experimenting and have had a Surprising amount of success. I'm by no means a Spirit main, but I'll say the results have been eye opening.

    Add-on ~ Yakuyoke amulet/mother daughter ring

    BBQ and chilli - post hook tracking

    Discordance - gen rushing prevention, enough said. Key against spirit is to get gens done asap. No more than one or you'll know.

    Hex Devour Hope - hook the survivor then get outta there. Obv, don't camp because....campers effing suck....but get 24 meters away (phase walk) which even if a srv Is close by you can get enough distance to gain the token from the Hex. This quickly snowballs, 3 = exposed, 5 = Mori.

    Especially with combined add ons, spirit can cover incredible distance quickly.

    Hex Haunted Grounds ~ like clockwork, upon that 3rd token natural reaction is to get rid of the token. Cleanse totem, even if it's the "Right (devour) one. They're still exposed.

    Fairly new with this build but even in green/red ranks, it's been crazy effective.

    Try it out. Lmk.

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