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Lack of Killers at Night

So I am playing survivor with some friends at night and it takes forever for us to find a match.

It couldn't be because Pop got nerfed to 40 seconds. It couldn't be the massive nerf of Undying. It couldn't be the removal of the Mori. It couldn't be survivors using keys and decisive strike/unbreakable.

In all seriousness this game lacks killer players. Rather than try to get new killer players in they instead scare old players away. I hope they will shift to some killer sided updates soon but this games history says otherwise.

Side Note: I agree that in the higher levels of play this game is clearly killer sided. I am referring more to the casual level killer who doesn't have time to grind the 1000's of hours necessary to "get good"



  • CrypticghoulCrypticghoul Member Posts: 539

    I play both but yeah, the queues are so bad to the point where it seems better to just stream killer games to each other than queue together for survivor games, which is ridiculous imo.

    I do wish the devs would address this by offering blood point bonuses when queues are lopsided in favor of one of the sides to help alleviate queue times no matter which way they swing.

  • SkullgrindSkullgrind Member Posts: 118
    edited January 2021

    Yeah it took me awhile to realize that 5-10p or so is peak ahole hours. Really hard to have any fun as killer if you play then.

    EDIT: Well I just played from 12a-3a EST and 99% of the players I faced were total jerks in game and after. So now I know I don't need to play this game at all! I win!

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  • EvanSnowWolfEvanSnowWolf Member Posts: 1,583

    This is why I play Killer as early in the day as possible. I won't play Killer after 7:00PM.

  • carnage4ucarnage4u Member Posts: 338

    Nighttime is always slow for SWF . I play a lot of SWF and we wait a good chunk of time. It makes sense. we come across 2 types of killers now and it is sort of sad

    Killer a.) -Try hard Esport wannabe who tunnels/camps/slugs - We usually lose with maybe 1 to 2 getting out, but can easily get all 4 killed

    Killer b.) Either newbie killer due to matchmaking or killer not running meta perks and not camping/tunneling, and we usually win. 1 out of 5 games, maybe 1 out of 4 people die.

    1 game per week, is actually a close game, where we felt it was close and even, and actually really intense, but felt fair (why the ######### do we still play? too lazy to find another game since we have a group of 7 friends that rotate in and out throughout the week and its a pain to get everyone to agree on what to play next)

  • UncleStabbyUncleStabby Member Posts: 837

    Its cuz we're all crying ourselves to sleep at night.

  • JarolJarol Member Posts: 1,985

    I always play at night as a killer and I don't complain.

  • ShamelessPigMainShamelessPigMain Member Posts: 1,843

    I’ve noticed the same problem, but also that survivor que times are much longer during the day.

    My explanation? Most good players are dedicated. Most dedicated players play at night, or are nocturnal. Most good players tend to play survivor; it’s more fun if you have the skill to take on the killer. This is especially the case with SWF, which more experienced players are more likely to partake in.

  • VexTheHexVexTheHex Member Posts: 954

    More people play SWF at night cause they are all off of school or work. It's quite simple. And no, most of them are not swat teams and will die off easily.

    And to be fair, as solo survivor or killer at night... I see plenty of low rank survivors thrown into the matches to be stomped. It's not just the low rank Killers that get the high ranks, I've been in plenty of matches as of late where I find out the team was all new players...

  • IgbylucyIgbylucy Member Posts: 36

    I found a majority of the killers at night are campers. It’s a bummer to wait 10+ minutes at night then get stuck with a camper that thinks he’s going to advance just standing and waiting after a hook. Best chances are to play during the day.

  • VexTheHexVexTheHex Member Posts: 954

    Or they give you Rank 17 allies for a Rank 7 Killer. Just had one of those matches. Was hoping the killer would throw a bone to me since they were literally new players dying in seconds. But nope, got smacked on the hook as I got 1 hook'd at the end.

  • SkerpiTwitchSkerpiTwitch Member Posts: 327

    Its true, you can only play a few hours a day as killer. Its stressful, and i dont think it will be better in the future. Its the complete powerless feeling on games somethimes that stopped ppl from playing killer. Even i, who has been a main killer for years, got to rank 1 survvor after all these years

  • LaBPedroLaBPedro Member Posts: 22

    I commented on a similar post a while back about this. If survivors are all becoming toxic, that will simply cause people to not play killer any more so the wait times will go up and up. What causes this toxicity though, is it killers that camp and tunnel or is it simply people wanting to take the (insert rude word here)?

    I am a rank 13 killer, and regularly go up against red ranks that destroy me, a lot are fine, play the game and leave but there are a few that are just want to mess about and try to bully the killer into rage quitting, which might be fun for them but not the killer.

    At the end of the day, it's bad for both sides and something has to give otherwise it will only be custom maps amongst friends in the future.

  • Chicagopimp2019Chicagopimp2019 Member Posts: 458

    As you can tell from my screen name, I am in Chicago and notice a distinct change in the quality of players at night. Note I didn't say skill, but QUALITY. When I play killer at night, I see an increase of SWF players who act like total dbags in end game chat. I tend to have much better chats with survivors when I play killer in the afternoon.

  • TicTacTicTac Member Posts: 2,204

    Im in the same region and for me its different. During the day the survivor are better players then at night. I think during the day the matchmaking works better, bc there are fewer survivors.

    At night every killer gets the same survivor bc the survivor need to wait so long that the matchmaking system ignore ranks more, so for a rank 1 killer night is better, but for an rank 10 killer it is not.

  • TheRockstarKnightTheRockstarKnight Member Posts: 2,105
    edited January 2021

    I used to play Killer at night a lot because of my insomnia, and it's like everyone else is saying - nighttime is SWF time.

    Well, SWF or Solos who are very clearly overtired and make the most questionable of plays, but mostly SWF.

    And, obviously, while not every SWF brings Keys and OoO with a Haddonfield, Crotus Prenn, or Ormond offering; one SWF doing that can be all it takes to get someone playing Killer annoyed or disappointed enough to give up and go do something else.

  • sulaimansulaiman Member Posts: 2,485

    Well, i am a survivor main, but i used to play both sides. Now i dont, its just 100% (solo) survivor. Thats one reason i am carefull with survivor nerfs and killer buffs. But the last updates made me not play killer at all. And if i need a change, i play something else.

  • mistar_zmistar_z Member Posts: 813

    The game is balanced around survivors being able to survive. It basically kills any goodwill killers feel, especially at a low-mid level of play where killers feel like ######### for playing. It also doesn't help that survivors love to bully and harrass the killer in game, post chat and sometimes outside the game too for simply playing the game in a manner that they didn't like.

    At higher levels of play or the more skilled killers who are adept in dealing with the game's way of balancing and sweat squad, just don't feel as rewarded for playing. As games are super polarizing one match its a full on sweat squad all on coms with object and sharing info with each other, and the next match they get boosted survivors who can't even run loops properly and the survivor harasses them in chat because they thought they were better than they actually were.

    assuming bhvr hasn't done anything dramatic mm, over time this made things worse as higher skilled and more competent players left due to all the bugs that screwed them over or the general game health not being what they would like it to be. which meant all the lower skilled players rose through the ranks easier to fill in their place, which made the game feel less rewarding. this slowly bled away at the killer pool, as more players moved to the survivor side where they get more instant gratification and are far likely to "win".

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