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New Chapter: Dead by daylight × Afir Trilogy (Part 1)

Dead by daylight × Afir Trilogy (Part 1)

New Chapter: Land of Pain

Assassin: Slave

Weapon: Kitchen Ax

Speed: 4.6

Terror: 32 m

Height: Average

Assassin Genre: Stealth Maniac

 History: 20-year-old Midea straight from 2161, she lived in slavery, in a newly created country called Afir, in the capital of Pranta, where a harsh dictatorship reigned. The country was next to the United States of America, the States collapsed after the appearance of the androids. Protests and constant wars could not hold the dependent States, after which the States collapsed.

 The androids are human-like, all wearing white protective armor suits.

 Afir was a large island, which was covered with a steel titanium dome, where even the rays of the sun did not pass, with the aim of not being shown to the outside world. The borders of Aphir were closed and well guarded by the Androids.

 The country was ruled by Dictator Nibras, who took full control of the androids. In this country, absolutely all people were slaves, they did not even have surnames, but names were allowed. All people were born and died in prison, in this country there was a choice, if you want to live normally, serve your country all your life, some of the men served in the army, and some other men worked in the prison at sawmills, all buildings and houses in the country were destroyed, prisons and military bases were built in their place. For any offense, a person was shot, or sent to a chamber of pain, where androids tortured people, and then put them behind bars.

 Women had a separate job, in prison women were forcibly forced to dance and sing on camera under the dictator in order to entertain him. For disobedience, torture in a cell, or execution.

 At military bases, women sewed military uniforms, body armor, etc.

 At military bases, people were given tasty poikas and allowed to take a shower, but the work there was much more difficult than in prison.

 Children mined for androids all kinds of metal, wires, and copper cables with ceramics, as well as various spare parts so that androids could create the same as them.


 Midea was born in prison on August 14, 2141; her mother, due to poor conditions in prison, died in childbirth. As an infant she was cared for by women, and as a child she obtained spare parts for Androids. When she became an adult, the androids sent her out to dance ballet and sing on camera in front of Nibras, all of which was of course the order of the day.

 Once a girl, Natasha, was put behind bars, she was Russian, according to her, the Afir androids kidnapped her in Washington and sent her to Afir. She said that due to constant wars, the borders in America were not defended, and anyone could come to the country, so the Androids came and kidnapped Americans and illegally took them to Afir.

 Long before the protests in America, Natasha served in the NSA Army, she was good at throwing axes, cleavers, and knives. Natasha said that all this was passed on to her from a crazy great-great-grandmother from past centuries, who lived in the forest and loved to hum songs, but she considered it delirium.

 Natasha wanted to arrange an escape plan by connecting Midea to her, but Midea said that it was impossible to escape from the country, since the titanium dome would not allow her to do so. But one old slave who was next to the girls said:

 "there is one place from which you can escape from the country, and this is an underground bunker, which is in another city called Terror. This bunker is like a tunnel through which you can go under the dome and escape. This bunker is not guarded, but it is well hidden in I can't tell you the exact location in the forest outside the city, Terror is in the North-West, Androids have tablets with a navigator, try to pick it up. "

 Natasha said that she had a jackknife in her boot, her plan would be disguised as the Androids. She told Midea to start singing loudly, Midea sang, and immediately an android guard came to their cell. The android did not have time to react, when Natasha sharply swung and plunged the knife directly into his head. Natasha took the keys with the navigator, opened the grate, changed into Android, and went up to the old man to free him, to which the old man said:

 “You don’t need to free me, my end is so close, I can hardly walk, you run, and yes, the bunker is completely covered with a large pile of leaves, it is not far from the city in the Forest, try to find it.”

 Natasha put handcuffs on Midea, as if she was taking Midea to sing. Leaving the cell, they went to the Street, and slowly, without focusing the attention of the Androids, they go away from the Prison using the navigator. On the way, Midea said that she is sometimes haunted by hallucinations, namely, she sees androids, and that sometimes she cannot distinguish an Android from a human, Natasha said that you need to escape from the palace dome, and then your hallucinations will recede. Walking through the navigator, they are our abandoned diner where the girls stocked up on food, Midea in the kitchen took a kitchen ax for chopping meat. Behind the diner there was a car in which they got in and drove to Terror, Terror was guarded by androids, to which Natasha demolished the barrier with great speed, knocking down part of the Androids. The androids raised the alarm and chased him, Natasha pressed the pedal to the floor. Having reached the Terror, they got out of the car and ran into the forest in order to hide.

 "And so the old man said that the bunker was covered with a bunch of leaves."

 Midea and Natasha searched for the bunker for 3 weeks, hiding from the androids, and arranging lodging, and finally they found it. Entering the bunker, they passed under the dome, in front of them there was a staircase that led to freedom, Natasha, approaching the stairs, heard the sound of a blade behind her. She turned around and saw Midea standing with an ax looking straight at her,


 What are you doing?

 Midea, because of her hallucinations, saw that Natasha Android.

 Natasha: "Do not do stupid things, you and I went through a lot, I freed you from this nightmare, and there is freedom ahead.

 Midea: I will no longer be your slave.

 After that Midea attacked Natasha and hacked her to death.

 Natasha: ch ...

 After killing Natasha, Midea climbed the stairs, leaving the bunker, in front of her there was a forest, Midea's eyes turned white. Having passed a little further, she saw a man who, without giving in to sight, ran past her, but Midea saw not a man, but a running Android.


 I try to take the appearance from little-known films, since drawing a maniac is more difficult.

 APPEARANCE: The slave wears a dirty pink ballerina dress, red curly short hair, white eyes without pupils, a dirty orange scarf, which can be either a scarf or a headscarf. a scarf or scarf can be changed in the main menu of the game.

 ABOUT ABILITIES: Once on the basis of Afir you had to create a fog serum, thanks to this serum, breaking a bottle you released a thick fog, this fog spread rapidly, and thanks to it, people could not see anything in the city, which made the work more difficult.

 During the escape, Midea and Natasha disguised themselves, smeared themselves with mud, and then covered themselves with leaves and wheatgrass so that the androids could not find them.


 What can a Slave Girl do?

 1) May be smeared with dirt, and cover itself with grass for stealth.

 2) Can spread fog throughout the map by breaking a bottle of serum.

 3) Able to Kill, a survivor from a cabinet or from a generator, she can only kill in an ability, except for the cabinet.

 4) Able to move crouch like a Gost Face.

 ADDITIONAL ABILKA 5) Able to bind a survivor

 Ability 1: Silent death.

 There are puddles of mud on the map, the killer sees the auras of puddles. Having smeared with mud, the slave automatically breaks a bottle with fog, after which the killer's terror decreases to 0, the red glow disappears, and the fog itself spreads throughout the map. Survivors have very poor vision due to the fog and are subject to Blindness.

 Thanks to the sticky black mud, the grass will stick to the killer while crouching, so the killer disguises himself as a bush and can move with 0 terra, the killer does not have a red glow.

 The ability works for 2 minutes, after which the fog will disappear, and the vegetation, along with the dirt, will disappear from the killer's body, the ability is charged for 1 minute, after which you can find the puddle again and activate the ability.

 Ability 2: Surprise Kills

 During the ability, you can kill any survivor if he is repairing the generator, or is next to the cabinet.

 To kill a survivor at the generator, you need him to repair it, approaching the survivor unnoticed, you must grab him, after which a mini memnto is activated, the Slave begins to inflict several wounds with an ax in the neck, after which the survivor dies.

 And now for fans of Pokemon in the basement, playing as a slave, approaching the locker, click on m2, the slave will climb into the closet.

 In the closet the killer does not see anything, but can see the aura of the approaching survivor, in the closet the killer's terror is reduced to 0. If the survivor is near the closet at a distance of 1 m, then you can jump out of the closet and kill him.

 Additional ability idea

 Ability 3 "Restraint"

 After putting down the survivor, you can put handcuffs on him, the hands of the survivor will be behind his back. The handcuffed survivor cannot throw off the chambers, slowly climb through the windows, cannot escape the hook on his own.

 There are boxes with a blade on the map, thanks to these boxes you can cut the handcuffs. A survivor in handcuffs does not leave traces of cracks.

 If you liked the chapter then well, the rest of the condolences.

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