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New chapter: Dead by daylight × Afir Trilogy (Part 3)

Dead by daylight × Afir Trilogy (Part 3)


Assassins: Prisoners

Weapon: chain wound on the arm

Height: average

Speed: 4.6

Assassin Type: Trap

The story of the killers:

2156 year

Chuck and Grant were the most dangerous slaves of Afir, nothing is really known about their past, it is known that they were both in the NSA prison. These two always acted together, they were imprisoned for the destruction of androids, which provoked the revolution and the collapse of the States.


One night when Chuck and Grant were sleeping in the cell, Chuck woke up abruptly from the sound of gunshots in the prison, he immediately woke up Grant saying that he had heard shots in the building, they both got up from their beds, when suddenly their door was opened by Androids with a picture of a black wolf on their chest, they tied up Chuck and Grant, and took them out of prison, walking along the corridors accompanied by androids, Chuck and Grant saw a bunch of dead police officers, some of the police officers who survived were sent along with other prisoners to Afir, where they sent Chuck and Grant.


Chuck and Grant got into the most isolated country with a titanium dome called Afir, when they got there they saw destroyed buildings and houses in which there were slaves getting all kinds of garbage, from the buildings there were only prisons and military bases.

The androids put Chuck and Grant in a cage, next to them was a neighboring cage, where girls were sitting in ballerinas' dresses, they said that they couldn't get out of this country, some were born here and died here.

A few hours later, Royven came up to the cage, and told Chuck and Grant to go to work at the sawmill, these two sent Royven, to which Royven, for such insolence, grabbed both of them and pulled out their tongues with his bare hands, and Chuck in addition tore out his eye, for that that he was too talkative, after that he said if they insult him again, then both would lose their heads.

After which Royven chained both of them and sent them to the sawmill, Chuck and Grant were unable to speak, blood dripped from their mouths, Royven stood in front of them and watched their work.

A few minutes later, one of the androids approached Royven and said that Nibras wants to see him, he needs to find two slaves who escaped from prison, Royven pushed this android and went to Nibras.

Chuck and Grant, due to their injuries, could not work normally, they gestured to the android overseer to give them a first-aid kit, the android sent them to a military base, where they disinfected their wounds, and Chuck's eye. Chuck was given a blindfold to protect him from infection, after which they were sent back to the sawmill.


Realizing that Chuck and Grant would not get out, they began to slowly go crazy in the cage, it seemed that someone or something had possessed them, their faces became pale, and the whites of their eyes were a little darkish.

They were approached by 3 overseer androids and told them to go to work, Chuck and Grant with a calm and muddy look in steel, and when one of the Androids opened the cell, they immediately attacked him, other androids tried to separate Chuck and Grant from the android attack , but in the end it turned out so that they wore all the androids with their chain, and with all their might pushing that very chain, the androids were simply cut in half.

After which they immediately ran out of the cells with the cages, and, jingling a chain, ran to the exit to the street. Running out into the street, both were immediately hit on the head with a rifle butt, Chuck and Grant fainted.


Chuck and Grant woke up again in the cage, after which they heard a whisper in their head, which said that "you are not alone", after that the cage that was locked, opened by itself, The prisoners went out and her, and leaving the prison to the street, they did not see not one living soul, but the ground on which they stood began to crumble and make a howl.

ABILITY: Chain Trap

You play as two assassins who are chained by the same length of chain, both assassins are chained to each other with their left hand, their right hand is free, a chain is wound on it to strike at the survivors, Assassins can lengthen the chain by 10 meters, or shorten it, so you can instantly switch between killers without any stun, which will allow you to deceive the survivors. You can only play as one killer, the second killer for whom you are NOT playing, will just follow you.

The task of the survivors is not to hit their chain, if the survivor touches the chain, he will fall into a trap, the chain will wind up the survivor and begin to strangle him, in fact, the chain will simply immobilize the survivor, by this time one of the prisoners must shorten that very chain to get to this survivor and give a hit.

Several survivors can get into the chain, hitting the survivor, he immediately frees himself from the chain and runs away.

The chain can also seep through walls, but unlike the shooter's chain, prisoners' chains last much longer, but it can also come off. By ticking, you can determine when the chain will break off, if the tick is accelerating, then you must quickly go around the obstacle so as not to get stunned.


If the chain is on an open pallet, the survivor can drop the pallet and break the chain. If the chain breaks, it will Stun and immobilize the assassins until the entity connects the chain back, the stun lasts for 3 seconds, the survivor can duck and then the chain will not hook him.

The survivor who is caught by the chain can try to escape by pressing the A and D keys, breaking free, the chain will break off and the killer will be stunned, and the survivor accelerates, when the chain seeps through the wall, the killer slows down.


Since there are two killers in the rink, you can play only one of them, if you play as a killer, then the second killer will simply follow you on your heels, pressing CTRL you instantly switch to the second killer without slowing down, and the first killer will simply be follow you as it did with the second.

Playing as the killer, click on m2 to give the order to the killer to stand still, then he will stop, and you can move on if you wish. But do not forget, if you go forward, the chain will lengthen by 10 meters, if it lengthens by 10 meters, then you will not be able to go further until you give the order to the standing killer to follow you, even during the order you can switch between the prisoners. By clicking again on m2, the second killer will run towards you, and the chain will be shortened as the killer approaches.

The killer will climb through the windows just like the rest of the maniacs, but the second one who follows you will jump through this window without any slowdown.

The killers themselves whistle to each other.

While playing as these assassins, you can deceive the survivors, and this is done through the order and switching between the two assassins.


Chuck: without an eye with unshaven stubble, in a torn bloody shirt, in dirty pants, walks with a limp.

Grant: with a half-godlike face, wears a gray, crappy jacket, long hair, sideburns, dirty jeans, barefoot.

Both have the stigma of the Afir wolf on their necks.

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