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New HUD and animations feedback

So... many people are not happy with the changes and I understand that. However, devs are on the right track to modernize this game a bit.


The first thing that really just confused me a lot was the indication of injured health state on survivors. The red flashing outline just isn't enough. Same goes with status effects like exhaustion. Red circle on more the same red circle just more vibrant was an extremely bad idea and it's fairly hard to see the duration left of the effect. I would also suggest to bring more elements of the hud closer.


Ok, so this is probably gonna be a controversial opinion but overall the animations look nice. The only problem I have is with the healthy idle anim and running injured anim. Healthy idle anim's straight upright stand is just odd and stands out a lot from the rest. I suggest just making them lean a bit forward and it would probably nice OR making a specific survivor use their own idle animation like we see in lobby waiting for the match to start - I honestly think this would be a great idea and it would bring out the differences between survivors even more. Coming back to injured running anim; survivor just makes too many steps and looks like they're constipated or something. Make steps larger or just occur less than now.

That was my take on the changes and I really like hearing others' opinions so feel free to express yourself in the replies!

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