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Multiple bugs related to lockers/hud/basements

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edited January 2021 in 4.5.0 PTB Bug Reporting

Lockers - When getting into a locker to hide, I suddenly started teleporting. The only locker perk I had was Inner Strength. It sort of put me in noclip mode where I could fly around. I was able to eventually get out of the locker, but it was disorienting to say the least

Red Lazer Beams - I don't know what else to call this, but sometimes the killer would get a very thin lazer beam line from where the eyes are, and you could tell exactly where they were looking, because of it

Broken Basements - I experienced this for sure on one of the swamp maps, but I know people had other issues on other maps. You go in, and you can't get out. It's exactly the same as the hill bug, only specific lunges can do it. Luckily wraith took it easy on us when he realized we were stuck. He was able to lunge out, and when carrying us attack and it would clip us out just barely.

HUD - Does not properly change based on if you have a proc of inner strength, if spine chill is going off, etc. It always stays full like it's procc'd at all times.

New Maps - Specifically, "The Game", but applies to all new maps. They're way too dark. I don't know if this is by design, or a bug, but they're super dark. Every game I was in everyone agreed. The game somehow feels DARKER than it currently is on live. Crotus maps while being brighter in some areas feel dark as well. Discussing, "The Game", it's just dark overall. A little better on the top floor, but all survivors/killers I lobbied with all agreed that you basically had to squint to see things. Crotus is odd, some areas are like this, you feel like you have to squint, others feel insanely bright, almost like there is a spot light hidden in the skybox. I feel it has to be a bug, because none of the other maps do this.

-There are also parts of Crotus that you can pretty much walk through. You can walk into corners of walls / through windows. Both of these times I'd have got a picture, but I was being chased, and the killer wasn't playing around.

HUD Bug/QoL? - I'm not sure if it's intentionally, but when scaling your hud, the skill check can get ungodly small. I feel it is intentional, but seems odd to allow people to scale the whole hud, but make it pointless to do so, because then they can't look at skill checks easily, so they won't actually scale their hud smaller if they want. This kind of branches into an issue I've experienced since the new generators were put in. Sometimes depending on the angle of your camera it is almost impossible to see skill checks. You have to angle your camera towards the ground (even though that makes no sense), if there is a light near your generator, or you will NOT be able to see it. This is also exacerbated if a killer hooks someone / a gen pops while you're looking in the direction of it. the black circle that appears makes it 100% impossible to see the skill check (and even almost hear it) if it happens at the exact time someone is hooked, pretty much guaranteeing a failed skill check.

Edit: I forgot one more. Survivor Injury Locomotion while running. Everyone keeps saying this is intentional, but there is no way that it is. It looks extremely out of place when running while injured as survivor. The same goes for a lot of locomotion between other animations. Like, healing someone, and as soon as you finish you stand up in the "idle" stance, it looks so odd. A lot of the locomotion just looks clunky together, almost like it's bugged, which is why I'm putting it here, because I don't think you guys would have taken the time to make way better locomotion for it to connect so clunkily. I'd put more examples, but there are just so many. The idle animation happens a lot quicker than it should, and it's so abrupt. But the worst out of all of it, is definitely how odd it looks when running while injured, there is no way it's intentional.

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