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For all those interested and wanting to compete in a dead by daylight tournament please join the discord page here: https://discord.com/invite/ZcJmzPqvX3 OR email me at [email protected] OR message me on discord! Joshish™#8008

To officially participate, fill out the form found within the discord channel #information-and-updates

Information found on this page and more will all be available through the discord.

Feel free to share with others!

Current Dates will be in mid-to-late March

The date is subject to change

The Tournament is open to all platforms and skill ranges! No requirements in order to join!

In this tournament, there will be two winners. A survivor team winner out of all the survivor teams. And a Killer winner out of all the Killers. As of now, you can enter as both part of a survivor team and as a killer, but this may change in the future.

The prizes for the winners will be announced later down the road but will be a small monetary value (10-20 USD) or gift card as more of a thank you for joining.

The competition scoring is SUBJECT TO CHANGE, but as of now is as follows:

For the survivor teams:

For every generator completed, gain one point (max 5 points)

For every survivor that escapes, survivors get one point plus one more for every survivor that also gets out. (max 10 points)

If a survivor escapes, get +.5 for each health state above dying. (max 1 point per survivor)

(Max 19 points)

For killers:

Gain one point for each time a killer hooks a survivor (max 12 points)

Gain two points for each time a killer either kills or sacrifices a survivor (max 8 points)

Gain one point for any generators remaining at the end of a trial (max 5 points)

(Max 25 points)

The reason for the scoring in this way is because I have seen a few types of tournaments be played out and a lot of the time, the scoring promotes a certain type of gameplay. Our goal is to create a game that promotes altruism to the max in hopes survivors make risky plays to get as many of their teammates out as possible. The killer's goal is to get hooks as those will give the most points along with securing kills.

The players with the most points will advance to the next rounds with some seeds having multiple rounds to promote fairness and enjoyability.

Maps will be chosen beforehand and publicly released a few days before matches start.

A killer may only play a unique killer twice (this is subject to change)

A survivor team must all play as unique survivors in a match. (Can't all be blendettes.)

Certain add-ons and items will be removed - the list will be posted later down the road.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to ask and share! I am open to hearing ideas as I want to make this a balanced, fair tournament that promotes gameplay that is enjoyable to watch.

Thank you!

-Your hosts,

Josh he/him (Hex: The Gay Agenda) and Savi they/them, (Sav1on)

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  • justjosh18justjosh18 Member Posts: 6

    Note: Games would likely take place in the mid to late afternoon of GMT-8 time though games could take place in the mornings depending on the variation of time zones.

    Also, all platforms are welcome to join!

  • xshwahdxshwahd Member Posts: 29
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    Sorry but the scoring seems a bit unfair. There needs to be an equal amount of points available on both sides of the match. You need to balance the scoring to make sure that one team doesnt just get blown out by the other team having lucky tile rng. If you leave it as is the killers will more or less be the only ones competing. The survivors can be put in a situation where all they need is 1 hatch escape to win if there killer does have a perfect game. That doesnt seem like a good time. I suggest these changes:

    Killers dont get awarded points for remaining gens, (Max 16)

    Survivors get awarded 2 points per gen (10) 1 point per escape (4) and a bonus 2 points for a 4 man escape (max 16)

    This will give both sides the chance to fairly compete against each other. If you want to understand my reasoning go check out some of the previous competitions and DBD leagues out right now and why they have had to balance their rulings.

    Also if you're interested... I am trying to put together a solo league here: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/218772/kobk-dead-by-daylight-solo-league#latest

    could use some help!

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  • justjosh18justjosh18 Member Posts: 6

    The reason the scoring is unbalanced is that they actually aren't competeing against each other. While killers will play against survivors, there is going to be two winners of the tournament; a survivor team winner, and a killer winner. The points are just a way to see who does better out of one or two games and chooses who moves on to the next round. They won't be totaled up as the tournament goes off.I have played around with scoring and done a few test games (and plan to do more) as I want the gameplay to be fun and interesting instead of supporting a very specific type of gameplay that the more balanced type of points may create.

  • BlindSpiralBlindSpiral Member Posts: 5

    The tournament died and never began actually lol. Led to the creation of a different one I'm hosting now actually.

  • _NIGHTMARE__NIGHTMARE_ Member Posts: 357

    Ah, do let us know here if you need more players...

    Hopefully it'll take off the second time around.

    Good luck!

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