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Survivors couldn't handle it

DemonDaddyDemonDaddy Member Posts: 1,881

If object of obsession was a killer perk. Aside from cries of how unfair being targeted from the start would be, I'd expect it to be nerfed before reaching a mid chapter update. But it's amazingly fair for survivors as is because "it's the survivor's choice" to be a target with unlimited knowledge of a killer's whereabouts.

What's your thoughts killers, this or any other survivor perks you'd like to use against them?



  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 7,718

    While Object of Obsession clearly needs a change, bringing a Killer-Perk Version which would be even more broken is quite poor logic.

  • valvarez4valvarez4 Member Posts: 466

    Well, survs can have a perk as pgtw: when you’re unhooked and you touch a gen in 45secs this gen is done 25% more.. Or a perk like noed: at egc you move faster and the killer needs 3 hits to put you in dying state.

    that means they should nerf pgtw and noed?

  • Freddy96Freddy96 Member Posts: 329

    This is how you nerf Object, they won't use it ever again

  • burt0rburt0r Member Posts: 661

    I imagine that like the trapper hiding in the broken locker in saminations videos XD

    but for smaller killers like legion oder blight it might fit.

  • burt0rburt0r Member Posts: 661

    Well both have already been changed/nerfed to a certain degree so no worry they might keep going.

    Once ruin comes out of fashion pop will be one of the most used perks again and they will shorten it even more. And don't forget to make the survivor version of noed also in some way avoidable like a hex.

  • GloryHunterGloryHunter Member Posts: 32

    A good portion of the survivors aren't good at chases and hate being tunnelled. People who are confident in chases (and usually paired in SWF) or meme around use OoO cause they know that they'll hit a nerve.

    If killers had OoO and can tunnel any player at will (and it will be abused) then you're pushing every survivor out of this game who isn't good

  • burt0rburt0r Member Posts: 661

    Well you are correct that they don't have huge downsides but they all have conditions or restrictions (no idea for all the addons, but I think it's the same there, for example scratched mirror being unable to go up to tier 2 myers).

    Also I think the goal of this thread wasn't the implementation of such a perk but a hit on the handling of perk nerfs by the devs depending on player side (killer/survivor).

  • XyvieliaXyvielia Member Posts: 1,542

    lol yeah, I never put much thought into how they’d actually be able to fit in there in the first place... the locker would look all warped and buldgey like a cartoon after Clown and Oni stuff themselves inside😂

  • vacamanvacaman Member Posts: 256

    OoO should reveal all the SWF members to the killer, not just the object.

  • vacamanvacaman Member Posts: 256

    Are you aware that survivor perks are supposed to be 4 times weaker than killer perks? How does this comparison makes the slightest sense?

  • UMCorianUMCorian Member Posts: 415

    Yes - sounds like a perk that completely nullifies your playstyle wouldn't be fun to play against!

    BTW: Trapper, Hag, Ghostface, Wraith & Pig all say hi.

  • ChchchcherylChchchcheryl Member Posts: 1,082

    Oh yeah the person who ends up taking the chase most rounds and doing 5 gen loops (and plays killer the other 50% of the time) definitely plays immersed

    I lay down some facts and suddenly I'm a dumb survivor?

    I never said OoO was fine but reversing it is also broken af and fixes nothing, pull your [BAD WORD] socks up mate

  • JPAJPA Member Posts: 735

    You say the killer tracking perks have virtually no downsides?

    BBQ - doesn't work beyond 40m. Can be dodged almost every single time as you can hop in a locker as soon as they pick up.

    Whispers - detects people on hook, in dying state etc. so its not useful at all for a large portion of the game where you are in the vicinity of many survivors, its great for the start and the end-game of a game you already won, but it definitely has drawbacks

    Nurses calling - the radius of this is quite small, a switched on survivor who is keeping track of the Killer can avoid this by not healing in the terror radius, unless you're against Ghost Face or something

    All Ears - has a massive cooldown

    Bitter Murmur - the drawback of this perk is the fact you need to give objectives to use it, its a risk to run this against efficient teams as you can assume they may single man gens here anyway

    Undying I can't really comment, I don't have this one. It is being nerfed though so...

  • UncleStabbyUncleStabby Member Posts: 210

    At least killer's have to DO something to activate those tracking perks. BBQ relies on survivor placement, quick reaction, and of course a hook to even activate. Whispers doesnt tell you EXACTLY where a survivor is unlike OoO, and nurse's only works when you're close and AFTER you've injured someone.

    OoO is always active, with exact aura reading tracking that still works even with UNDETECTABLE active.

    So yeah, OoO is definitely the broken perk.

  • ScrubDestroyer9000ScrubDestroyer9000 Member Posts: 9

    Are you seriously comparing all-time map awareness about the killer's whereabouts that comes at no cost for 2/3 survivors with situational killer perks that have counterplay to them? There is no counterplay to OoO other than playing "badly-designed" killers like Nurse, Deathslinger or Spirit that can tunnel OoO users out of the trial in a minute. Also, you thinking that Doctor's ability is even remotely close to an actual wallhack, Legion's Feral Frenzy Killer instinct being on par with OoO and survivors having no knowledge about their aura being shown most of the time prove your inexperience in this game.

  • ChchchcherylChchchcheryl Member Posts: 1,082

    Reversing the effect to target unwitting survivors, especially less skilled ones would send Freddy's ability to outloop and mind game through the roof!

    I know he suffers from the current OoO (Trapper is hard countered by it asw dont forget), but reversing it only does the killer a favour in most situations!

  • chargernick85chargernick85 Member Posts: 622

    i can't believe this got voted up. as the other said all these have requirements/cooldowns you know unlike Ooo. Oh and lots not forget the multiple survivors I see in every match who need the 36 meter head start with spine chill also no requirement or CD. Let me guess none of you use these tho? Just like the 3 DH I see every match but no one uses? Tap a button stay alive longer and team gets a gen easy peezy!

  • ChchchcherylChchchcheryl Member Posts: 1,082

    and any idiot should use wall hacks to their advantage, im assuming your a killer main, im disappointed you don't see potential in how op that would be, or you just want ez matches like most other whiners on this forum lmao.

    This game is about balance and unbalanced things should be fixed, fix OoO dont make it [BAD WORD] worse lmao

  • KingFrostKingFrost Member Posts: 1,854

    I feel like if OoO were a killer perk, killers would probably have a higher kill rate with it than without it. And thus devs would be more compelled to change it.

    Killers really should just decide one day to be like "Oh, it's an object of obsession? Well, guess I'm going to let them escape cause I hate playing against that perk."

    Instead, they tunnel the object (that's fair.) and kill them, which reduces the survival rate and continues the cycle.

  • Gay_Police_DeptGay_Police_Dept Member Posts: 316

    You can get rid of the survivor running OoO (or any other perk), but you can't get rid of a killer, so it can't be compared.

  • JimbusCrimbusJimbusCrimbus Member Posts: 227

    Truth is, survivors can't handle anything that they need to adapt to. Case and point - Undying. Plenty of counter play. Perks, items etc that all countered some portion of it's abilities. But nope, that would require them to not use 4 second chance babu handholding perks and adapt to something for a change. Can't have that.

    99% of survivors are the sum of their perks. Without their Dead Hard's, most of them would go down faster than Cyberpunk review scores.

  • TerroTerro Member Posts: 1,039
    edited January 18

    That's not exactly the point of the post and those aren't even the correct equivalences.

    For pgtw, it would be when you're unhooked and touch a gen in 45secs the gen is fixed based only off of how much it has regressed up to a max of 25%. (A killer can't kick any gen and get the 25% regression. They have to go to the one that's been worked on)

    Noed: after being rescued from a hook, if you are on death hook you are healed to full and move faster. You are also immune to 1 hit downs but still require 2 hits to be downed. Perk is deactivated if the killer kicked 5 unique gens before the activation of the perk. After the activation of the perk 1 random gen is selected and the killer only needs to "kick" that one to deactivate the perk. Add in the ability to do something even if a gen is done or not worked on regardless of if the perk is in the game or not.

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