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Forming a team-based tournament!

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hello everybody, i'm in the planning stages for a serious dbd tournament that's based on premade teams.

The idea is that you get together and form a team of 5 people, 4 survivors and 1 killer. The survivors of your team will then face another team's killer. So for example, Team A's killer will face Team B's survivors and Team A's survivors will face Team B's killer. The reason for this format is that a lot of tournaments I have seen inherently have a balancing issue of solo killers to solo survivors and this seems like the most fair matchup. Your team would earn points together, both as killer and survivors.

Another benefit of this format is that your team can practice very easily with each other and create strategies by easily doing scrimmages. Since there are 2 teams that are on an equal playing field, comms are allowed as this seems almost impossible to control. I really like this idea as both teams facing each other have exactly the same expectations of each other and work in the exact same way, mitigating unfair advantages.

The biggest problem with a format like this is that it can be very hard to find 4 other people to create a team with. To keep things nice and even, if just you and a friend want to enter I can create teams of 2 duos with a solo killer to maximize coordination with each other (because we all know getting paired up with 3 other random survivors can be a very mixed bag).

THE RULES: CHARACTERS - The most interesting balancing quirk I want to implement is the character selection and build process. A team of 4 survivors running DS and unbreakable can be really hard to deal with as any killer, and on the flip side a Freddy with ruin + undying can be very oppressive and isn't all that fun to go against, so to solve this problem I am having any character you pick require that you use their 3 teachable perks PLUS 1 other perk of your choice. The reasoning behind this is that it will naturally create roles for your team members. Teachable perks for characters were originally created with a certain theme in mind; Claudette has 3 healing perks, Jake has perks that promote stealth and strategy, Meg has perks to stay mobile, etc. I feel that this fulfills the original intent of the character roles and creates very interesting team dynamics. You might have a dedicated team healer playing Claudette or a team tank playing Bill. The catch is that you can only have 1 character per team.

Another rule is that you are able to replace any unwanted perks with default perks, like sloppy butcher or kindred giving more flexibility with builds

I've been thinking about this for a while and I may possibly just ban Laurie Strode... OoO with DS + a perk like unbreakable could just be godly and not as balanced...

SCORING: As there are 2 teams of 5 your entire team would earn points as killer and survivor. Completing a gen awards 1 point and any escapes (after all generators are powered) awards 2 points each. It becomes more about a game of stopping the other team's survivors than being awarded points for kills, after all, any points survivors gain the killer of that team also gains. any hatch escape before all gens are powered is not counted.

ITEMS/ADDONS: Survivors are not allowed to bring any items into the trials but can use any items they find in chests. The reason is that this will make looting type characters/builds to be more desirable as your team could assign a player to loot for items, giving the survivors an extra objective. Killers are allowed to use up to green add-ons.

Honestly none of these rules are final and I am perfectly open to feedback or adjustments. This is the first public posting about this tournament so if I get good feedback and genuine interest in this we will start moving forward and finalizing dates! I will be hard at work this week furthering balance rules and doing things behind the scenes, like better advertising/making everything official.

Lastly but definitely not least we have the grand prize! I am willing to award the winning team with a total of $400, so $80 to each player, with no entry fee required.

Thank you to everybody who is interested and I hope for some good feedback!

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