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Can we get more than one game mode?

PipefishPipefish Member Posts: 331
edited January 2021 in Feedback and Suggestions

Even something as simple as everyone getting random perks would spice things up. It just gets tiring playing the same exact thing with little to no variation. Maybe that's just me though.


  • stargazer9stargazer9 Member Posts: 643

    No it’s not just you. A lot of us want new game modes. Honestly, if they can add just one that would be good. Almost 5 years and we’ve yet to see something new.

  • CaleegiCaleegi Member Posts: 400

    After playing this game for years, the same gamemode is boring. I would really love to see a gamemode with 2 killers and 6/8 survivors, I feel like that would be so fun!

    There could also be one like you said with random perks (maybe when joining get a description of what they are first though) and for killers a random rotation maybe of different killers.

  • AnniehereAnniehere Member Posts: 1,191

    They published a survey and the possibility of more mods was there. Could it be that they are thinking about it?

    I hope so, it can be more fun.

  • JarolJarol Member Posts: 1,985

    I still have that desire to see a 2 killers vs 6-8 Survivors Mode, or a Killer vs Killer, where they fight for the 64,000 blood point prize and the killer can ruin each other's progress, it would be fun.

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