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Why is a new HUD needed?

RyuzakiRyuzaki Member Posts: 676
edited January 2021 in General Discussions

Why is a new HUD needed when the current one is perfectly fine? I've been asking myself this question ever since the 4.5.0 PTB. I think the new HUD looks like it belongs in a mobile game and it's placement takes up too much of the screen. I think BHVR should implement a modular HUD so you can move the different elements around.



  • TrollTollTrollToll Member Posts: 77

    its not, there just doing it cause they think its a good change when its the exact opposite.

    im just wondering when they community will give up on them so they will stop doing this #########.

  • IronKnight55IronKnight55 Member Posts: 2,560

    I like it.

  • EvanSnowWolfEvanSnowWolf Member Posts: 1,583

    I actually DO want to know what names are attached to what Survivor models, thanks.

  • xenofon13xenofon13 Member Posts: 1,241
    edited January 2021

    Just give us the option to switch between the new and the old one because i don't like the new one at all. I believe it's not that hard.

  • IronKnight55IronKnight55 Member Posts: 2,560

    Everyone has their own opinion. I personally love it.

  • RyuzakiRyuzaki Member Posts: 676

    If the HUD change goes live this only reinforces the fact that BHVR doesn't listen to feedback. It's not a change we can all get used to over time as it's so poorly executed.

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 10,661

    But what if the new HUD will go live with changes? Then you will admit that BHVR does listen to feedback?

  • MeltingPenguinsMeltingPenguins Member Posts: 3,437

    Said it in other threads about this, but it all smells very much of 'let's optimize the HUD for esports, at the cost of regular gameplay':

    The hookstate? Get points in a tournament for how far it progresses/how fast you save someone

    The pointevents? irrelevant in a tournament as they are automatically counted.


    So yeah, it all feels as if this is meant solely for tournament playing, but not regular playing. And even in tournaments this is more hindering than helpful, as this HUD is for those keeping track of points, aka the judges/spectators, not the players.

  • AlifyAlify Member Posts: 346

    If something is current fine then it does not mean that it does not need to be updated. If devs want to make the game always relevant, then let them do so, the new HUD has problems, but this does not mean that we have to go back to the old one and live the old, devs just need to correct the mistakes.

  • TheClownIsKingTheClownIsKing Member Posts: 6,278

    It’s to accomodate new features they have planned in future releases.

  • Rareware0192Rareware0192 Member Posts: 336

    What honestly baffles me is the fact that not one person in the design team thought this new HUD was bad whereas essentially the whole community finds it to be poorly designed.

    The worst part is that despite everyone I’ve seen commenting on the new HUD (streamers, forum users, even Fog Whisperers) disliking the new HUD, it’s most likely going to be in regardless.

  • RyuzakiRyuzaki Member Posts: 676

    I suggested a modular HUD similar to what you see in MMOs.

  • AlifyAlify Member Posts: 346
    edited January 2021

    Oh sorry, I said about reverting changes cuz almost anybody want to just reverse changes and it annoys me. Your suggestion sounds cool anyway

  • OniWantsYourMacaroniOniWantsYourMacaroni Member Posts: 5,897

    Wouldn't it be a better idea to wait with the new HUD until they have those important features for it ready?

    Because otherwise it sounds like we get something unfinished here

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 10,661

    They already added a new feature with the hook count. Other things may follow and you can’t expect them to make a complete new overhaul for every new little feature..

  • ShroompyShroompy Member Posts: 3,362

    My guess is they plan on adding a new gamemode which requires this hud to add more players and more things to be added on the screen. What I think should be done is give the option to adjust where you want things to be on screen. I cant see how that would be too hard to add

  • LeleLPLeleLP Member Posts: 150

    Careful about having those on these forums friend. Some will have to go out of their way to tell you why you shouldn't. :O

  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 7,706

    A good UI is a simple UI.

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