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Online Hex Bug?

TacticalYoshiTacticalYoshi Member Posts: 3
edited January 24 in Bug Reporting

Just wanted to ensure if this is a common occurance since it just happened to me but as I was playing as Hag, someone broke my hex totem just when I was placing a trap and the game froze for about 5 seconds. It then said I was disconnected from the game after letting me wander around with no abilities for 10 seconds. I know my internet did not go down in fact due to having things load in the background that even if disconnected for the slightest second would have a very noticeable thing meaning something in the game itself caused this. I wonder if there have been other issues with other killers using their powers/interacting with something when a hex breaks and causing them to DC. Don't like how I got a 5min timeout for it but I understand why...

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  • ErasoxErasox Member Posts: 135

    Maybe you meet a hacker. Hacker can frozen your game.. 10 sec headons stuns fast recovery that stuck forever giving killers no power for a certain time...etc

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