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Sync Error 111 - Kicked from SWF lobbies as the group finds a game/host.

AbsurdJerdAbsurdJerd Member Posts: 5


I get kicked out of between 30-40% of the SWF lobbies I join or create once that lobby has found a game/connected to a host. When this occurs I receive the "sync error 111" code. I used to receive the sync 111 error every game when it was related to blood points in 2019-2020, not sure if that has something to do with this situation.

To repeat this I'd just have to lobby up with someone 5-10 times and it's guaranteed to happen. The people I lobby with have never seemed to have this issue which is why I believe it's related to my account/install and my previous issues with the old sync 111 error.

This situation has occurred for a few months but has only somewhat recently been displaying the error screen after the fact. The frequency of this seems to differ depending on the day, where the stars are aligned and what side of the bed I woke up on but as said early it is normally around 30-40% of all my SWF lobbies.

For some reason, I am receiving the 403 error code while attempting to attach screenshots and logs. I will attempt to attach them at a later date, otherwise, I am happy to send them via pm.

Thanks in advanced,


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