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DBD needs another gamemode

Karao_KeKarao_Ke Member Posts: 1,217
edited January 2021 in Feedback and Suggestions

This idea has already been mentioned before, but there should be a seperate gamemode for 2 killers & 6 survivors on a huge map. This would be absolute chaotic fun and would make the game 10x more scarier.

Imagine an Oni in Blood Fury chasing you & while you're running to a jungle gym, you run into a Deathslinger on accident. Obviously if both killers team up on you it can be seen as unfair, but that's why there would be 6 survivors instead of 4 with more potential saves and people on gens.

Speaking of gens, they should obviously be a bit slower than what they are today because there would be 6 survivors. If I were the devs, I would nerf gen speeds when the killer is in a chase, but otherwise they stay the same.

If people are worried about queue times because current ones are already long enough, devs can just slap a bloodpoint bonus onto it and people will definitely play it more often. One thing I want to get clear is that you cannot queue up with your friend as killers, and you cannot have a SWF with more than 4 people. The point of this is to keep it very similar to the regular DBD gamemode, but just slightly tweaked.


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