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All my icons are on low resolution, looking blurry!

Kees_TKees_T Member Posts: 789
edited January 2021 in Technical Issues

If I set my game quality to low, ALL icons in the game becomes blurry. Perks, skillcheck UI, menu icons, in-game HUD, everything.

But when I set my quality to medium and above, it all looks clean again:

I don't know if you can tell the difference because I cut the images, but there's a BIG difference in quality.

(Edit: open the imagem in a new TAB and you can clearly see the difference)

I don't know WHY the quality of graphics should affect the quality of the UI icons also, but anyways, I tried opening the GameUserSettings and compared the LOW options with the ULTRA options, the save files stays the same except for these options:

So I tried setting my game to LOW and changing all these options to 4 and setting the ResolutionQuality to 100, the graphics changed to ultra despite the fact in the options it was showing LOW in the game options, but still the icons were blurry. So the only way to make them look better is to play in a quality which is MEDIUM and above.

Is there any fix for this? Like some custom options to insert in the file like QualityIcons = 4? Dev?


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