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Iron Will VS Stridor

Ramxenoc445Ramxenoc445 Member Posts: 1,000

For a while I couldn't figure out how they'd work against one another and after using it I can say as a killer it feels like a win either way I can still hear a survivor in pain. As a survivor it just feels like a wasted perk slot. Now in a huge majority of cases this is only going to matter against the spirit because nobody else uses it unless they've got no better options. Will this ever be changed or is this one of those decisions made to balance the perks out in some way and make them not useful 100% of the time?

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  • Ravio_LiRavio_Li Member Posts: 68
    edited February 1

    I actually kinda agree. I don't like the idea of perks making other perks 100% useless.

    Iron Will: Only quiets injured noises.

    Stridor: Flips Iron Will off and makes everyone louder, but really is only ran because of Iron Will.

    Either Stridor needs to do something else, or Iron Will needs some additional buffs to not be hard countered by Stridor alone.

    Though, right now the only way to full counter-act Stridor is by stacking muffling perks, which are niche perks already. Iron Will + Off The Record or No Mither. Why should I run 2 perks to counter 1 killer perks? Why should a killer run a perk to counter my perk which realistically isn't strong to begin with?

  • Friendly_BlendetteFriendly_Blendette Member Posts: 1,431

    iron will is really strong and the killer is bring a whole perk to counter your perk. both of you are playing wth 3 slots more or less

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