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Do the devs know how bad it is to wait 10+ minutes for a queue then get tunneled 3 times in a row?

ZarosNozaraZarosNozara Member Posts: 17
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This can't be good for the game. You wait so long to play then you don't even get to enjoy the game because you get chased three times in a row until you are out. Is that the type of community they want to support? I've asked the killers as well, and they claim to pip up doing this or at minimum black pip. I play both sides but never like that. Bothe the killers and I are in red ranks as well.

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  • SlaughterBruvSlaughterBruv Member Posts: 10

    Yeah I see this and hook wh**ing all to often with the occasional body blocking even if you did nothing wrong as the killer, my suggestion is to add a way to just push people out of the way with less wiggle progression as the killer instead of making a hit or two and dropping the person.

    As for tunneling I always thought it would be nice for there to be a perk that makes it possible to suppress your breath by holding it in for a certain period of time while injured. Or a perk that makes it so you after your unhooked your marks become harder to read or are undetectable for a few seconds.

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