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Perk ideas

I was pretty big on the Springtrap in DBD Hypetrain, still kinda am but I thought it'd be fun to share some of the perk ideas I came up with when I made my Springtrap character concepts. First set of perks is from my recent concept, 2nd set is from my 2nd one, I would share my perks from the 1st concept but they were poorly thought out and 2 of the 3 perks are reworks of already existing perks.

Recent concept perks

Audio Devices Failure Upon hooking a survivor, survivors lose all sound queues for 20/30/40 Seconds

Has a cooldown of 100/80/60 seconds

Hallucinations After a generator is completed, your terror radius is transferred to an area near a generator that is not being worked on The terror radius is 24/32/40m

Rely on your senses Your obsession cannot read your aura and hears your terror radius 4/5/6m less

2nd concept perks

Bloody Little Secret You know how to hide a body when you need to

Upon a survivor being put into the dying state, for the next 15 seconds survivors will suffer blindness, and cannot see hook notifications This effect can only be triggered every 60/50/40 seconds

Rivals Even those who impede you will be manipulated into your benefit

You become obsessed with one survivor While in chase with your obsession, the auras of other survivors are revealed to you

Upon leaving chase you suffer a 5% movement speed decrease for 6/5/4 seconds

Mechanical Embrace You know what certain sounds mean

Anytime a survivor does a successful skill check, that generator's aura will be highlighted in yellow for 4/8/12 seconds

Decreases survivor's chances to get skill checks by 20%

Can only be triggered on one generator at a time

Feel free to discuss any perks if you want

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