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Expanded Survivor Objective

MooksMooks Member Posts: 10,950

So this is my concept for a second/expanded survivor objective, to slow early game and general gen progress down a little bit while making it somewhat interesting for survivor and not be another M1 in one place activity:

For the current gen and healing speed you have to have metal scraps (screws,tools etc) and herbs respectivley in your ‚inventory‘. both materials are scattered around the map and can be collected. You have a maximum amount you can carry and while repairing/healing they will get depleted. There will be small meters in the UI for the survs so they see how much they have/how fast they get depleted.

if you are out of materials you can still repair/heal, but at a much slower pace.

Herbs and scraps have to be collected, there should be a very small pickup animation (kind of like red glyphs but shorter). You can find them anywhere, they are not exactly hidden, and may respawn at new places. Scraps can be detected from a little further away because they shine/ blink a little. Herbs are just growing anywhere and have a distinct look to them. They are a little bit taller so they can easily be spotted. On some indoor maps (or generally) they are growing in mini plant pots (which disappear after collection) (think about Resident Evil HD herbs).

Many perks/items may get reworked to incorporate those new features, some ideas:

Botany Knowledge: Either slower depletion, slow auto refill, auras for herbs. There is many possibilities how it could work

Toolboxes/Health Kits ignore your scraps/herbs meter while they have charges and are used

Saboteur: Refill your scrap meter after sabotage

the idea is generally to give survs stuff to do besides gens, especially for early game. But make it engaging: searching around the map, looking in corners where you normally don’t go etc without being constantly on a silver plate for the killer (that still mainly patrols gens and doesn’t get more stations that have to be patrolled). its not actually a mandatory second objective but slowdown without those should be noticeable enough so survs should always try to not have empty meters

my other concepts (Feedback and suggestions always welcome):

Killers: The Ice QueenHannibalCharlie(The Darkness)The Blair WitchThe FirebreatherThe Photographer

Survivors: Aria MorrisonLukas SchmidtPaitoon Saeli

Survivor Items: Walkie Talkies, Lighter, Water Bottle, Pocket KnifeSling ShotSpray Paint CansSalt PouchSmoke BombVoodoo Doll, Smudge Sticks

Game mechanics: Expanded survivor objectives, Exhaustion Rework, Spiderwebs

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  • MokdrohMokdroh Member Posts: 55

    I am quite interested in seeing things like this tested around with, some sort of secondary objective for the Survivors that incentivize more roaming which equals more rewards for more risk improving the Killer's objective at the same time, perhaps even some sort of mini-puzzles like assembling enough scraps and pieces into Assembled Parts that can be applied to generators to boost the repair progress a fair amount while also lessening the effects of regression on the generator with an Assembled Part applied. So much that can be done within what they already have.

  • MunqaxusMunqaxus Member Posts: 2,752

    Boon totems are secondary objectives for survivors. It gives survivors something they want to do to give themselves an advantage.

    Chests use to be a secondary object but they're so worthless now, that no one wants to use them. Especially when 1/4 of items you get out of the chest are worthless now. You set yourself so far behind using chest builds that it's not even worth it anymore.

    If you want survivors to have secondary objectives, then have the developers buff chest builds so they're actually useful.

  • AnObserverAnObserver Member Posts: 747

    Sounds like Toolboxes and Med-kits with extra steps.

    In terms of searching the map for Items you have Chests already. (Maybe make some Generators require a part that is found in a Chest?)

    A Perk lineup that adds “Item Scraps” to refill/ acquire Items through non-chest based scavenging does sound cool though.

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 10,950

    I am thinking more in the line of having the scavenging and refill/aquire stuff being basegame because… it does sound fun, uses unused parts of maps and goes away from the dull hold M1 survivor style.

    Medkits and Toolboxes would be items that while having charges make it so survivors don’t need to acquire the stuff. But yeah the idea is basically those items with extra steps, since healing and repair action are the main actions outside of chases for survivors.

    i just like the idea of survivors not immediately sitting on gens and not doing anything else I guess.

    I have made suggestions for new items to make chests more worthwhile and fun to search through.. but I do think the game could use expanded survivor objectives as part of the base game and not perks or something just to make the game feel more fresh and fun.

  • AnObserverAnObserver Member Posts: 747

    Self-care does seem like it could be implemented into the base-game in some manner.

    Find a plant or a Fire Barrel around the map, pick it up/light it and you can perform the Self-care action.

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