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If DS is going to be exclusively changed to an anti-tunneling perk....

OrionbashOrionbash Member Posts: 697
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Note: DS has been stated by the devs previously to not be an anti-tunneling perk in the past. However with the new changes it will now exclusively be an anti-tunneling perk.

So. If DS is going to be exclusively changed to an anti-tunneling perk then it should be designed to punish tunneling even harder. Quid pro quo. The timer should be paused WHILE IN CHASE (IMeaning if the survivors hop in a locker it'll still go down, or if they get slugged) and the skill check should be removed. This helps weaker survivors stay in the game longer and ensures them a 2nd chance if being tunneled. When used by a stronger survivor, it wastes a lot of the killer's time as a strong survivor will extend their life by looping the killer and buying more time for the team.

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  • OrionbashOrionbash Member Posts: 697

    Ah. That's true and I hadn't considered that. I like your idea better.

  • TicTacTicTac Member Posts: 2,204

    Im a decent survivor. When i reach a loop after getting unhooked, i can loop many killer til ds expired. (Not against killer who ignore loops)

    I need ds when there is no loop near and i get instantly downed. When i get instantly downed there would be no difference with this change.

    Does it make a difference, when i waste 60 seconds with a chase or when i get downed and the killer needs to slug me for 60 seconds? When im on deadhook i use a locker to force the ds anyway.

    I think while it would be partly a good buff, there would be too many problems.

    1. A survivor could try to start a chase so the timer is paused and harrass the killer.

    2. A killer could moonwalk or look at the ground to not start a chase.

    3. DS is a bigger problem in endgame scenarios.

  • NossyNossy Member Posts: 118

    I don't know where you find that info but Dev have always stated that DS was an Anti-tunnel perk, at least since his rework in early 2019....

    Question: What led to the decision to put the timer on Decisive Strike?

    Horvath: We decided to put a timer on Decisive Strike as one of the solutions to Decisive Strike being used too often, we tried 2 minutes internally and found that players were able to use DS a long time after being unhooked, where it no longer serves the purpose to protect you from being tunneled/ farmed

    Also :

    Horvath: I feel like borrowed time and Decisive Strike serve a similar purpose, but DS is controlled by the person on the hook, whereas Borrowed Time requires a teammate to run it and unhook you.

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