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How many hours do you spend on DBD at once?

Karao_KeKarao_Ke Member Posts: 1,217

I'm curious to see how many hours you guys spend on DBD at once.

When you open DBD, do you spend all day on it? Or just a few minutes?

I usually spend around 2 hours playing DBD on average if I'm not busy. Sometimes more sometimes less.

How many hours do you spend on DBD at once? 30 votes

I spend less than an hour on DBD
Toxicity23DistortedDream 2 votes
I spend 1-2 hours on DBD
[Deleted User]FreddoCornHubMadLordJackChurchofPigUndershotSpookyPumpkinPiezherrik666TripleStealHex_LlamaFriendly_BlendetteKarao_Ke 12 votes
I spend 3-4 hours on DBD
TapeKnotDemon_SwordsRockyAven_FallenTaigaDarootLeafstormPet_The_Lizards[Deleted User]TotemsCleanserTheGannManfatbabyslayer 11 votes
I spend 5+ hours on DBD
Dimekanonymous31337Thicc_Boi_MyersSiMpSoUp 4 votes
Other (please specify)
Leonardo1ita 1 vote


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