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More Small Tweaks to DS

GrazoxGrazox Member Posts: 45
edited February 2021 in Feedback and Suggestions

First off, let me say good job BHVR. Two of most problematic perks in the game are finally getting fixed. I have basically nothing to say with regards to Object of Obsession, so this critique will be focused on Decisive Strike. There are currently two issues I see with the perk:

1) Chance to Become the Obsession at the Beginning of the Trial

This is a relic from when the perk first released and should honestly be removed. Killers have used the Obsession as shorthand for DS for a while now, and conversely use the lack of an Obsession as the go-ahead to tunnel without fear. Killers shouldn't be able to know if someone has DS beforehand; they should always be considering possible consequences to tunneling. Once DS becomes the invisible enemy, like Borrowed Time, this game will be a lot more healthy across the board.

2) No Deactivation for Entering Lockers

Whether you have DS or not, jumping in the nearest locker after being unhooked is still the best strategy. It forces the Killer to either take a gamble on whether you have it, waste time trying to trick you into exiting it, or give up on you completely. This isn't like Killers chasing and down you before deciding to pick you up. That is their choice. They should never be forced to suffer DS because they can't distinguish it from a feint. It is scummy behavior. If a Survivor feels safe entering a locker, there is no tunneling involved. Add it to the deactivation criteria.

If these two changes are made, the perk will be more or less fixed. I would even be willing to see Decisive Strike used multiple times in one match, much like Borrowed Time. Thanks again, devs, and please seriously consider these changes!

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