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Game lags every 20 seconds during trials

SirFrancelotSirFrancelot Member Posts: 30

Ever since the last patch, I have been experiencing consistent freezing every 20 or so seconds ingame. It doesn't seem to be triggered by anything in particular, but I have yet to have a trial where it has not happened. Anyone else getting the same issue?


  • ShelbyShelby Dev Posts: 159

    Hello SirFrancelot,

    We have seen a couple of reports of similar behaviour, but not sure what causes it. Would it be possible to get a video of the issue, as well as the DeadByDaylight.log file, and let us know the exact time the issue starts?


  • SirFrancelotSirFrancelot Member Posts: 30

    Hi Shelby,

    I don't really have any video recording software unfortunately, but I attach one of my log files. Let me know if you want any more to help further.


  • SirFrancelotSirFrancelot Member Posts: 30

    I think I'll have to stop playing until this is fixed because it makes the game unbearable to play.

  • ShelbyShelby Dev Posts: 159
    edited September 2018

    Thanks SirFrancelot! The exact time the issue happened would really help us narrow it down in the log, as well as your Cloud ID.

    The Cloud ID is found in the Settings menu, at the bottom left side.

  • SirFrancelotSirFrancelot Member Posts: 30

    Here's my Cloud ID: bccf37e0-bda1-11e6-af5b-b5aa26a036c4. I can't really narrow it down, since it happens so many times during any given trial I'm afraid.

  • SirFrancelotSirFrancelot Member Posts: 30
    edited October 2018


    So I've gone through a trial I recorded and noted down all of the instances that I could see of the lag occuring. I also attach the relevant dbd.log file. Hopefully with both of these, you can narrow down what the issue is.

    Link to video: https://plays.tv/video/5bafba7ba515f48e18/example-video-lag-being-caused-since-latest-patch-2-2-1

    (Also, as an aside, I believe the killer used a lag switch during the trial, which I also note the use of in the timestamps. Hope this video evidence can be used to effect a ban on them.)

    Timestamps of lag occuring:

    00:53 Lag
    01:11 Lag
    01:26 Lag
    01:53 Lag
    02:12 Lag
    02:18 1st instance of killer lag switch, I believe, since all swf survivors in trial also experienced lag
    02:38 End of lag switch
    02:40 2nd instance of lag switch
    02:44 End of 2nd lag switch
    03:04 Lag
    03:22 Lag
    03:31 Lag
    03:38 Lag
    04:10 Lag
    04:26 Lag
    04:41 Lag
    05:34 Lag
    05:51 Lag
    06:12 Lag
    06:31 Lag
    06:40 Lag
    07:13 Lag
    07:36 Lag


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  • SkemoooSkemooo Member Posts: 193
    edited October 2018

    had this same issue since last patch but not every 20secs but liek 2 times in 1 hour or so.. I dont think its killer lag switch as the entire screen freezes for 2 secs and teleports me to my location i was 2 secs ago.. if killer lag switches i will still be able to move but killer teleports..

    My PCIE X16 slot had blown so i was using my GTX970 on second PCIE slot at X8 speed.. i thought this was causing it although it doesnt happen every 20 secs for me.. it happens like 2 times in 1 hour of play.

  • PolarBearPolarBear Member Posts: 1,899

    @SirFrancelot The lag switch was probably just the killer losing connection. Doubt they were doing it on purpose. I've had that happen numerous times before.

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