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4.5.0 made the game unplayable for survivors

OrionbashOrionbash Member Posts: 697
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What are these hitboxes??? What did you guys do to the game? I was on The Game playing against a Nurse who would swing from two character's length distance and hit me. Each. Time. In Chase. I thought it was a ping issue so I hopped into another game. Same thing. One last game on an old map. Same thing.

Thanks Devs. I can't loop the killer if I can't tell where they actually are. I won't be playing until this is fixed.

Edit: This is not an isolated issue and is being noticed by a lot of players. I welcome everyone to join me in logging off until this is addressed, apologized for, and fixed. Goodbye for now, DbD.

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  • VolczVolcz Member Posts: 690

    Yea same thing happened with me vs Huntress on The Game. Somehow made up the distance and cleaved at air AROUND a corner and I wasn't even in range but the hit registered somehow.

    Did another match vs Wraith and same thing. Even caught me when I used my sprint burst, like it was nothing.

    Hit validation is broken, don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

  • NicholasNicholas Member Posts: 1,801

    I just face the huntress on Gideon and it was the same thing. Extremely generous hit from a great distance. There was enough room between us for two survivors almost.

  • KebekKebek Member Posts: 3,676

    Que time are still really long but from the few games I had, it didn't feel that different.

  • Dito175Dito175 Member Posts: 1,255
    edited February 2021

    Always get bad hitboxes so i just presumed it was a normal game.

  • akumaks13akumaks13 Member Posts: 42

    devs you have excelled with the update ...

  • TrashmasterTrashmaster Member Posts: 357

    Servers get loaded and perform worse? Wow, who could have possibly expected that

  • Dwight_FairfieldDwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 5,833
    edited February 2021

    I was hit through a pallet before this Oni even reached the pallet. I dropped it early because he had spirit fury. But I was still somehow hit. He wasn't even in fury mode either. This happened twice.

  • dspaceman20dspaceman20 Member Posts: 4,102
  • BaldursGate2BaldursGate2 Member Posts: 994

    It's like they try to include more bugs in every new update. Coincidence? I think not!

  • MistikusMistikus Member Posts: 1,343

    i recomend to do honest reviev of this game on steam to protect poor souls who think about joing this mess

  • IWasLeft2DieIWasLeft2Die Member Posts: 2,004

    Now survivors know what its like as killer 95% of the time.

    I havent played the update yet but I imagine its not nearly as bad as most are letting on

  • ShadeCh33seShadeCh33se Member Posts: 1

    Yeah same thing happening here. Just played against ghostface on cold wind and me and my friends were getting hit through walls when we would loop around corners. It was like our hitboxes were behind us 10 feet. It made it impossible to loop and to know where the killer was. They desperately need to fix this.

  • OffensiveHumorOffensiveHumor Member Posts: 127

    Fr. The hitboxes right now are INSANE. Went up against a pyramid head and I dropped a pallet. I was already on the other side of the pallet when I got hit. It literally felt like getting hit through a window but instead it's a pallet, this needs to be fixed ASAP.

  • El_GingeroEl_Gingero Member Posts: 1,147

    I’ve only played 3 games since the update but in 2 of them there were a couple of highly sus hits, the likes of which I’ve never encountered before, though I’ve only been playing for a couple days total so this could just be normal.

    In one game the doctor hit me with a non lunge attack in the basement. I was about 3 or 4 steps up the staircase. He was on the ground by the corner, almost behind it, a good 3 or so feet from the first step of the staircase.

    In the other game, again vs the doctor, he hit me with an attack as I stunned him with a pallet. He was on one side and I was on the other. Just felt off as every other time I’ve been in that situation the killer gets stunned and I don’t get hit. It was like he hit me as he was stunned.

    Again this could all be normal as I’ve only just started playing the game, but these hits felt weird compared to everything else I’ve experienced thus far. Will update of I notice more.

  • ChiTenshiChiTenshi Member Posts: 877

    Played 2 games, experienced it both times.

    Hopefully BHVR start looking at the problem and fix it.

  • KellieKellie Member Posts: 1,328

    Just played against a Deathslinger and he shot me through a car on Azarovs, which caused me and my team to lose. DBD is going to ######### right now.

  • km66km66 Member Posts: 111

    Dude I just got hit by Clown from so far away. I swear, he was like twice as far as I normally get hit with already bad hit boxes/ping whatever. It feels so bad playing survivor right now. I'm about to delete this game....

  • The_KrapperThe_Krapper Member Posts: 2,391

    Welp I guess it's back to monstrum 2 or phasmaphobia so I can play a game that's actually gonna work, i was looking forward to the new update when I get off work but now not so much, it sounds as if the devs just switched the PTB over to live without fixing a damn thing.

  • TotemsCleanserTotemsCleanser Member Posts: 617

    Got hit by a couple of Clowns that may as well have been wielding swords instead of knives, considering how far away they hit me from.

    And no, it's not a server problem. Ping is fine. It's an issue with the hitboxes.

  • The_KrapperThe_Krapper Member Posts: 2,391

    I mean at what point does someone lose their job for this ######### @not_Queen @Peanits@Almo are you guys hiring ? Because If ######### half the game up EVERY UPDATE qualifies as acceptable I think I can be a step above that, at least I'll listen to the community and give a ######### about what they want.

    Pushing out a PTB version with no changes, that 95% of your player base told you was just god awful is totally unacceptable, I guess those new outfits look just fine though huh? ######### figures with this company

  • IWasLeft2DieIWasLeft2Die Member Posts: 2,004

    Alright first game as survivor i had a hillbilly saw through a wall and my camera is drifting/lagging, my skill fails are delayed every time, and I can't do struggle and instant fail.

  • jakesottojakesotto Member Posts: 201

    I've played this game for almost 3 years now and this is the first update that is actually unplayable.

    I agree entirely with this post and I won't be playing again until this is patched, hopefully in a hotfix soon.

    For those who havent experienced it yet or only play killer, it's basically as if every killer has a constant 250% lunge.

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