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EGC and gens highlighted the entire time?

tippy2k2tippy2k2 Member Posts: 2,194
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So just played a game as Oni and at the end during the EGC, all gens were highlighted in red (like you would see before the game started as all 7 gens are undone).

Is anyone else seeing this? I don't really want to go through a bug report for something that was just a weird one off thing or whatnot so just curious if others have seen this issue or was this a "me" problem in one game...

I'm right now assuming if this is happening, this isn't intentional. While a very minor inconvenience, there's still really no reason for them to be highlighted like that and it's a mild annoyance at the end.

EDIT: It happened again in my next game with EGC. I've created a bug report on it so you can disregard this thread

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