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Anyone got any tips for Trapper?

BeelzeboopBeelzeboop Member Posts: 829

I have a vague idea of where to place traps (windows), but are there anything else I need to know about him?


  • Thicc_Boi_MyersThicc_Boi_Myers Member Posts: 52

    you can do my absolute favourite trap and it is at the shack and you place it on the outside of the shack towards the window side of shack pallet.

    don't spread your traps out too much as you don't want them going off when you don't want them. if trapping windows take a step back then set them as you don't want them jumping over your traps and if you need to vault a window but there is a trap there come in from an angle and slowly edge your way there.

    at L wall T walls trap an outside edge where a small shrub is but if you have the green dark traps then you can place it by the fire barrel or closer to the vault.

    trap areas where if they go there they are screwed such as the tractor or the crane.

    you can traps stair but you must be sideways (facing the walls in the basement)

    don't waste too much time setting traps set up a few effective traps that you can get away with before someone sees you

    most of the time you want to hit people out of your traps so you can apply whatever effect and so you can reset or change the location of the trap but sometimes you would want to pick them up

    finally most of the time you would want to change the location of the traps but sometimes reset them.

    good perks to run with him is corrupt (the best one), save the best for last and pop (great game slowdown)

    that's all that I can think off

    hope he treats you well


  • twocansofbeantwocansofbean Member Posts: 70

    Look for area's between generators that a survivor might run through. Those generally have a higher foot traffic

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