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Plz Undo , how ever many updates it is before this game turned a corner

tricktrick Member Posts: 159

like , this had been my main game for 3 yeARS ,not trying to be selfish or whatever but wow. My main killer was completely changed with no warning whatsoever, i get hit validated for having a good connection vs skilled survivors xD , playing survivor is almost unplayable as solo now for me , and i gather i dont really need to go into detail there. We all know u get hit and the weapon was like ten miles away, but now i have to play vs that with 3 people on controllers?!?!? and with killers i mean , i feel like i vs a 2 yearold , and im not trying to be offensive but , its really wow, its like being rank10,000 vs a rank 0, u will virtually be bored in chases , xD i mean thats not the DBD WE WANT RIGHT>? ahhhhh i tried, no one will care knowing this forum ... <3x


  • tricktrick Member Posts: 159
    edited February 2021

    the best thing about it the killer will win anyway because of the pallet deletes and the hitbox advantage , etc etc etc , im not even saying any particular killer is unbalanced , but like twins for example xD victors hitbox kills the entire thing , its just totally not logical

  • tricktrick Member Posts: 159

    if he can go over pallets and windows, why make his hitbox double the size of him!?!?!? , XD thats like saying , i know , lets make cannibal chainsaw for like half the map and give extra hitbox advantage

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