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Buckle up

MichealMicheal Member Posts: 288
edited February 2021 in Creations

Buckle up I feel isn't a strong perk because you see how long it is until you should get the survivor and when you do you and the person can see the killer for 6 seconds but most of the time the killer would hit on the ground right after you get a survivor.so here's my idea they should and to the perk.

1.when recovering a survivor from the dieing state you heal to the helfy state.

2.when recovering a survivor from the dieing state get the ability to ignore the dieing state for 10 seconds.

3.when you recovering a survivor from the dieing state the survivor gets ability of no scratches and iron well for 10 seconds.

Just one of these I think would be better slugging counter perk. That would make buckle up a better and more suitable for metal of men players.

Or these new ideas can be used for new perks for slugging if thay cant chang it hopefully


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