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Is this a glitch or intentional?

Literally "ALL" of the transitional animations have been removed for survivor (-_-) I really hope that "if" this is intentional that they are "FIXING" the old ones and not being lazy and just throwing them away, there where a bunch that actually looked good, especially the crouching transitions. Now the survivors look so much more ridged and unnatural almost just like, or even a bit worse then the old animations. I really hope to see this either reverted back or improved rather then all together removed

@KhaineGB I don't know if you'd have any info but your the only mod I can think of who to ask


  • kylerabdcgamer10kylerabdcgamer10 Member Posts: 269

    also the camera angle doesn't change when getting downed anymore which really sucks for me cause I felt like that was super dynamic and looked good

  • TerroTerro Member Posts: 1,171

    They removed them cuz it doesn't feel as good to play. Wish that bhvr would do this for other things like the struggle mechanic and other devs could learn to do this too.

  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 3,877

    When u turn camera on their back from 1 side to another, they instantly rotate their body without any transition frame (happens to crouching, not standing)

    I dont know but it bugs me alot.

  • RullisiRullisi Member Posts: 380

    They had to remove all transitional animation sequences because players thought it takes the control away or something like that.

  • OlokunOlokun Member Posts: 177

    It was fine before 4.5 and now its fine as it (4.5.2)

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