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Big trouble PS5

Klod_EtkaKlod_Etka Member Posts: 23
edited February 2021 in Bug Reporting

After the "big patch" that changed the game interface, there were BIG problems on the PS5 platform:

1. Trophies have ceased to drop out AT ALL, the reason is obvious, the patch broke the statistics between PS4 and PS5, on the game's splash screen it says that almost everything has been received (ps4 statistics) in the game itself is 22%. Attaching photo.

2. The quality of the graphics has noticeably decreased, it became SOAP.

3. Cross-play works "badly", the search is delayed, especially for the survivors.

4. “Macmillan” and “Farm” maps are constantly in 95% of cases, when will there be a normal rotation of the maps?

Will you fix these problems? The PS5 version of the game has practically become unplayable. I bought all the add-ons to the game, spent money, trophies are important to me, as well as the graphics, because of your mistakes, I can not play normally.

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