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not_Queennot_Queen Administrator, Dev, Community Manager Posts: 994
edited October 2018 in General Discussions

People of the Fog,

we have been seeing a increasing amount of FAILED TO JOIN THE GAME cases since the last update, specifically on console.
It looks like this and it prevents the player to join games:

We cannot reproduce this bug internally so we need your help!
Our team will inspect specific Community cases.


  • Player ID (under in-game SETTINGS)
  • Exact time the game client started to fail to join games
  • The exact times you tried to join a game again

Every comment that isn't answering this post with specific information will be deleted.

Thank you for your help!

The Dead by Daylight team

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  • KhalednazariKhalednazari Member Posts: 1,294
    edited October 2018
    Player Cloud ID :  ea8bacf6-6b8f-4b21-b8cd-af491cf8ee9c (added pic) 
    Exact time :  27th Sept, Wednesday 1PM IST (3:30 AM Ottawa, ON, Canada) (First time I played since the shrine update) 
    Exact times I tried to join a game again : About 15 times before restarting the game. After a few games, I realised it was bugged. So I just wait for it to disappear before I join the game. 

    EDIT : Updated the player ID @not_Queen
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  • ashley09ashley09 Member Posts: 4
    Player I’d: beatbox101wifey
    exact time: not sure, but started for me a day or two before I got the update. 
    Exact time rejoining: it happens after every game, survivor and killer. I try a few times before closing out of app and restarting it. I do not have a picture but mine looks just like the person who answered also with the spinning loader that stays for awhile and I am unable to back out of the lobby until it stops or I close out game. 
  • kennethrmarplekennethrmarple Member Posts: 8
    edited October 2018
    ID: 560fdd78-240e-453f-90e0-843658164646

    Failed to join today (02 Oct 2018) at about 1000am (EST: Canton, Ohio). This issue has happened multiple times over the course of this past week. Mostly these game times were later at night between 2200 to 0030, my wife was also getting this ID: 8a6d7e88-86f8-4b8a-a659-66cfa43ee3bb

    Not sure what other info could help.
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  • not_Queennot_Queen Administrator, Dev, Community Manager Posts: 994

    @Khalednazari @ashley09 @kennethrmarple
    Can you guys give us the IN-GAME player ID?
    It is a long alphanumerical string under SETTINGS in-game.
    Thank you! :)

  • KhalednazariKhalednazari Member Posts: 1,294
    not_Queen said:

    @Khalednazari @ashley09 @kennethrmarple
    Can you guys give us the IN-GAME player ID?
    It is a long alphanumerical string under SETTINGS in-game.
    Thank you! :)

    Updated. Thanks. 
  • not_Queennot_Queen Administrator, Dev, Community Manager Posts: 994

    @Khalednazari Thanks! :)

  • DermannDermann Member Posts: 1
    Player cloud id : a7cc15d0-9aa9-11e7-b835-35cd3d98cbd3
    Exact time: 02 oct , 16:58 BRT,BRAZIL.
    fail to join the game after finishing a game.
  • PacGuziPacGuzi Member Posts: 7
    Player cloud ID: f6ad9909-b0ae-4559-813a-026c4af8c676
    Exact time: 25th September, Tuesday (19:30 MX, MEXICO) Just a few moments later after the shrine of secrets update
    Exact times I tried to join a game again:
    This problem happens every time after a game ends, I get insta lock into the menu screen,  with a lil circle in the middle-right of my screen. I had to restart my game or just wait for 1 to 3 minutes to this big to disappear.
  • MiqualaMiquala Member Posts: 2
    edited October 2018

    Player ID: 07d82d7c-667e-4e334-97eb-82ba49663c3
    Exact time the game client started to fail to join games: The day the trapper cosmetic update came out on ps4, don't have any exact timer on that.
    The exact times you tried to join a game again: About 14-16 minutes after the update came out, since I was online at the time of the arrival. It happens after every game I play, no matter if it's a short game or a long one, however if it's a shorter game the "Failed to join a game" waiting time isn't so long.

    // PS4

  • kennethrmarplekennethrmarple Member Posts: 8
    @not_Queen, updated my original comment with the ID's for my wife and myself from in the game.
  • rebelhunter316rebelhunter316 Member Posts: 99
    @not_Queen question for you. Will this help the development team pinpoint the problem? Or do you think the shrine update may solve the problem?
  • rebelhunter316rebelhunter316 Member Posts: 99
    838e8f35-548f-4578-846c-8b769ab47c16 player id

    The time it happened is after the shrine update. Not sure the exact time.

    Right after the first game the circle appear and even restarted my internet. Did not fix the issue not reinstalling it.
  • BrandonL715BrandonL715 Member Posts: 5
    player id

    Think it started around the time the spirit was released dont know what exact time.

    Everytime after a match a lil white circle appears on that right side of my screen and it won’t let me join a match and won’t let me go to the menu until it stops which usually takes around a minute or so and sometimes when it stops it won’t let me accept invites or go to survive with friends.
  • mr_i_gomr_i_go Member Posts: 1

    Player cloud Id:   4c91900-57b5-11e7-9051-fb1fe34d1938

    Exact time it failed: Oct 3, 2018 12:13AM CST (Been happening for 1 week) 

    retried and failed: Same day 12:14 AM CST - 12:15AM 6 times all failed. Had to close the application and restart the game to get into lobby. 
  • FumbipediaFumbipedia Member Posts: 5
    Player ID: 93f692e3-b585-426b-bf14-6303b7a19a6b
    Exact time it failed: Sep.26.2018 4pm MESZ
    I'm having that circle since I purchased the new trapper cosmetic on Sep.26. Since then the circle appeared everytime I finished a game. It doesn't appear if I dc/crash during the game.
  • Themaxeffect11Themaxeffect11 Member Posts: 1
    Player Cloud ID

    Exact time not sure. It's been about a week so I would have to say it was fine before that patch came out then it's doing what the players above noted. Temporarily fix will be closing the app and starting the game back up will allow you one game and then after that game the problem comes back until you repeat that same process over. 

    If for some reason I gave the wrong player id send me an email or write back on here. I think I got it correct though
  • NastigurNastigur Member Posts: 2
    edited October 2018
    Player id: ceea34df-0b4e-4642-9489-a83d0913956b

    The day when i noticed the issue was 9/29. It was first time me playing after the patch.

    It happens after every game, about 3min wait and it's ok again to join a new game.

    But two times happened that when a host quit a game (you are in a game about 10sec then back to lobby), the bug doesn't exist and you can join a game immediately.
  • Bing_BongingtonBing_Bongington Member Posts: 1
    Player Cloud ID: cd4cf250-9cc2-11e7-a257-1f25c6461a7f
    Exact time: September 26th, 2018 at around 6:30 CST (Minneapolis, MN)
    Exact time the problem occurs: As soon as I exit the end of the game screen, the small white entity circle pops up and persists for 2-3 minutes. Closing my Dead by Daylight application and starting the game back up fixes the issue for now.
  • TimmyTimmy Member Posts: 2

    Player Cloud ID: 41112a8c-4081-b007-ec6d85fcefce0b2
    Exact time: It started happening when the new outfits came out for the Trapper
    I joined a game after restarting Dead By Daylight. Hoping it would fix it

  • TheLolcanoTheLolcano Member Posts: 1
    edited October 2018
    Player ID 4b88ba3d-4d56-4160-8314-29b190ae2396

    Don't know how much of a help this will be, since my case is similar to everyone else's. Started with the shrine update, sticks around for a hot minute after every game, killer or survivor. If there's anything I can do to help, let me know, right now I have a nice built-in smoke break.
  • dennispelldennispell Member Posts: 5
    Player Cloud ID

    The first time it happened was after the Shrine Update on September 27th, if I recall correctly. Ever since then everytime a match ends I’m unable to join a game for the next minute or two, it displays the message “fail to join a game”. The last time it happened was today at 12:49pm, local Brazil time. (As I write this post). 
  • DireWolfDarkDireWolfDark Member Posts: 7

    Player Cloud ID

    Everyday this week it is taking 2 to 3 minutes after ending a match before I can start another one. I have been playing between 5 PM and 9 PM EST each day and it happens after every match. I have the spinning circle on the right hand part of the screen and am unable to join a lobby, visit the store, go back to the main menu, or switch from Killer/Survivor while it is spinning. It seems almost like the triangle and circle buttons are not functioning as any action that requires one of these buttons doesn’t work. I have a video showing the end of a match and then the spinning circle I can send if it will help.

  • dudedude Member Posts: 1

    player id: 4cfd7910-5f4d-11e7-922e-3b91547c372a

    past two days giving me trouble connecting after a match is finished.
    backing out of a lobby and joining a new one is fine.
    mostly play in afternoon and night between 5pm and 2am CEST.
    good luck

  • PericoPerico Member Posts: 5
    edited October 2018
    Player ID: 33263279-476e-4437-acc5-18c794743f78
    When: Just a few days after the update 2.20. 27th september more or less. 
    This problem happens every time after a game ends. I have to wait 2-3 minutes to search a match again.
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  • Dragon090Dragon090 Member Posts: 5
    • Player ID (under in-game SETTINGS):3c436ecc-413e-4e1e-ae26-3a126756e7ca
    • Exact time the game client started to fail to join games:11:04:15(JST)
    • The exact times you tried to join a game again:11:05:52(JST)
  • CyberwreckCyberwreck Member Posts: 4

    Player ID: (In-game Settings) 1edf24eb-0ff1-40de-a52c-34295eb4d9c4
    Time: Started Around last week friday 28/9/18
    Time you tried to join a game 17:54:22 / 5:54:22 (AEST)

  • CountfunkularCountfunkular Member Posts: 406

    Okay since I am a major in game development this is the best I can give you

    This bug happens after the end of a match. That symbol on the side that gives the player noticed that something is loading in similar to when you're waiting for the cells.

    The estimated waiting time is 2 to 5 minutes before I can rejoin a match. This isn't as prevalent or just doesn't appear when playing survive with friends
  • TheSpeedyDonutTheSpeedyDonut Member Posts: 2
    edited October 2018

    Player ID: 84f20374-81c2-48ac-8aaa-bd4add39e9fc

    This problem started happening to me about 2 or 3 weeks ago. So the exact day would be September 20th in the afternoon approximately 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time EST.

    I tried to join a game directly after this happened 11:05 Eastern Time EST, but now I have to close my app and reopen it because it takes too long to fix itself. It takes roughly 2 minutes for me to join another game or do anything.

    I hope this information can help you fix this problem for me. Thank you in advance!

  • Bimodaldrip555Bimodaldrip555 Member Posts: 2
    Player ID: a44f4d4b-14c5-4dca-afb6-e034297b9327
    its been happening for about 2-3 weeks
    Exact times: it happens after every game and doesn’t load for about 2 - 3 minutes or until I restart the game

  • AshenAshen Member Posts: 4
    Here's a thought. I have this problem (already sent in a ticket) but I wonder if the problem may only occur for players with a physical disc. My friends who have digital copies don't experience this but I do and I have the physical disc.
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