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New Favorite Chapter

Seriously, I love this chapter. The lore was a great start, the aesthetic is my jam... I just love it.

Big props as well to the art/animation team. I adore his bat flip animation he does after hitting a survivor with the M1, and I love all the little details and hints of personality you can see in how he moves. (Like the pallet stun animation or the wink.) I hope we see even more small details like this moving forward.


  • Bradyguy99Bradyguy99 Member Posts: 218

    I just want more killers and survivors with voice lines. It makes them feel more alive and less soulless

  • SonzaishinaiSonzaishinai Member Posts: 6,495

    aesthetically and concept wise he is certainly amazing.

    Mechanicly he could use some tweeking but I'm loving him so far.

    Really hope the ricochet thing becomes basekit. It really makes him more unique. No other ranged killer can hit a survivor who's behind cover

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