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Match Stability /oof.exe Deployed

TricksTricks Member Posts: 957
edited March 2021 in General Discussions

Please remove DC penalty till you can fix game stability issues.

Matches have been falling out from underneath me all morning. I checked each time the match failed and I had no dc penalty, I thought nothing of it so I kept playing and the matches kept dropping out.

Not too far into this process, say 10 to 15 failed matches I went from 0 dc penalty to 5 hours in one hit.

Soooo yeah, punishing loyal paying customers who don't disconnect dishonourably for a problem you've caused is a damn good way to undermine your own revenue stream I guess?

But seriously if you cant fix your own games stability issues don't punish players for the stability issue you've caused.

Come on people surely this is a no brainer.

Well anyways I'm 30 mins off being able to play again but I don't think I want to for two reasons, the second I've already mentioned:

  • What if the matches are still dropping out? do I get a 24 hour ban next? what then 30 days? half a year? a year?
  • You shouldn't punish players for a problem you've caused.

Sick, tired and done.

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