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Chapter Concept: Bewildered Felicity

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This chapter is tied within the Grave of Glenvale, following the story of two characters; a survivor who previously hunted before getting captured by The Entity and a killer who knew of the events that took place at the Grave of Glenvale and a possible descendant of someone involved with those events many years ago. This chapter includes a new survivor, a new killer, and a new map on the Grave of Glenvale Realm. This is a very long post, so I understand if you only want to read certain parts such as the unique perks. Let’s begin.

New Survivor: George Mabley


Born the youngest of 5, George Mabley grew up in a small home with low income. With his father working as a manager at a gas station, his mother was forced to be a stay-at-home mother in order to take care of George and his 4 other siblings. During his younger years, George hated the confinement of the indoors and longed to be outside, gaining a fascination for the outdoors. However, during the brief times where he would have conversations with his father, he learned one of the most crucial pieces of advice; to be free, you must have a plan. Carrying that piece of advice, George continued to push on with school despite not liking it. 

Eventually, George graduated from his school, ending with honors. Unlike his four siblings and the majority of his friends, George decided to immediately begin working to earn income. In the newspaper, he saw an advertisement for a nearby diner that was looking for a cook. Wanting to stay on track, George accepted the job. As he worked at the diner, George quickly caught on as to what needed to be done and quickly became one of the manager’s favorite workers. With this, George’s pay was increased as well as his vacation days. One day, when George was preparing to head out to work once more, he noticed his father prepping for a hunting trip, something he always wanted to try out. However, George needed to get back to his job before he arrived late. 

A couple days passed and he noticed his father continued to go out on hunting trips without George knowing. George decided that he wanted to build up the courage to ask his father if he could tag along. When George asked his father, he wasn’t opposed to it. Ecstatic, George could hardly wait to get started, exploring and spending time outdoors like he had wanted to all through school. 

A couple years past and George had earned his fair share of wealth. Now the assistant manager at the diner, George’s schedule was able to be more flexible to his preferences as well as him being able to spend money for his own hunting gear. Now that George was old enough, his father brought him to a gun shop for George to pick out a firearm. George looked on the wall at the rifles available, but wanted to instead buy himself a shotgun for deer hunting to which his father agreed. With a firearm of his own as well as all of the necessary equipment, George was finally ready to hunt. Many hunting trips would be done with only a few being successful in that George’s father and occasionally George would manage to get a deer. This hobby eventually turned into a dream job as George quit his job at the diner and went on to set up his own hunting industry, being hired by others to hunt deer for money. George loved it and so did his father as he joined George on his dream endeavor.  However, things would take a tragic turn.

One day, George and his father were hired on to hunt several deer invading the property of a farmer. The farmer informed the two that the deer have been eating his crops and that he would give them the green light to hunt the deer in exchange for a paycheck. George and his father agreed and the two of them went out to begin the job. As the two of them searched for a good hunting spot, George’s father pointed out a hilltop where the two of them would be able to have a good view of any bypassign deer as well as the cliffs to their backs. However, George had a different idea, involving the two of them going down to the lake since it would be a hotspot for deer activity. The father and son were at conflicting ideas until George suggested that they split up to which his father agreed. 

Now at the lake, George pondered about why his father never spoke to him much in his earlier years. This made George think back to his four other siblings, one of which was now having kids while the other three pursued high-authority jobs. George thought about the hope that someday, he could be like them and gain the same amount of respect. However, George thought about his father for a brief period and realised that he has spent more time with him than any of his other siblings. George smiled, relieved that he could at least know that he got to know one of his parents. Suddenly, a gunshot was heard around the area where his father was. George let out a chuckle, thinking that his father must have got another deer. He made his way towards the hilltop, noticing that the sky was getting dark as rain began to fall. George picked up the pace and began jogging, the rainfall getting heavier and the sky getting darker. He made it to the top of the hill and was horrified to see his father, dead on the wet ground below another hunter with a rifle.

George immediately rose his shotgun to the other hunter and yelled at them over and over, demanding them to tell him what happened. The other hunter stared at George through their hunting mask, not laying a finger near their rifle. Suddenly, the mysterious hunter dropped their rifle onto the ground, and looked back at George and began to speak in a chilling voice, “You did this.” George’s heart sank as he saw the unknown hunter begin to run away, attempting to escape from George. George began to run after the hunter, but stopped and instead kneeled down to his father to attempt to stop the bleeding. With George’s attempts to help his father failing, George held onto his father’s hand and closed his eyes during his final moments as the dark sky and pouring rain enveloped the two in a dark fog.

George continued to feel the cold rain drip onto him as he continued to hold onto his father’s hand. However, George began to feel his father’s hand going away, resulting in George opening his eyes to find that his father wasn’t in front of him. George’s eyes widened in shock as he looked around only to see a black fog surrounding him. George slowly got up only to begin falling down at a fast speed. George didn’t know when he would hit the ground, but he knew that when he did, it was going to hurt. Suddenly, George hit the ground and found himself in a vast woods with a light illuminating in the distance. As George peered into the distance, he saw a campfire as well as a few figures in the distance. George picked himself up, determined to get out and find the hunter who killed his father. George began to walk over to the figures to ask for directions, not truly understanding where he is quite yet.

Survivor Rundown

George Mabley is a dauntless hunter, determined to survive at all costs.

His personal perks, Hunter’s Know-How, Tools Of The Trade, and Water Off A Duck’s Back, allow him and his allies to benefit from similar effects as well as ensuring a strong safety for himself.

Hunter’s Know-How

You have learned from the best and now it's your turn to pass on that knowledge. While you are affected by the Haste or Endurance Status Effect, the closest survivor to you within a 16 meter range is also affected by the same Haste or Endurance Status Effect for as long as it affects you. Hunter’s Know-How has a cooldown of  80/70/60 seconds. “Now you understand right? When I’m gone, you’ll know all of my tricks!” - Matthew Mabley

Tools Of The Trade

Repetition of a job has given you great experience. Completing an action from the following will grant you a token up to a maximum of 10 tokens: Repairing, Healing, Sabotaging, Unhooking, Vaulting, Cleansing, Gate Opening, and Chest Unlocking. As long as you repeat the same action of which you completed last, you will gain another token after completing the repeated action. Each token grants you an action speed bonus of 1%/1.5%/2% to Repairing, Healing, Sabotaging, Unhooking, Vaulting, Cleansing, Gate Opening, and Chest Unlocking. Getting damaged by the killer depletes all of your tokens. “I’m not gonna look in the back of the book for answers, I’m gonna learn through getting sh*t done!” - George Mabley

Water Off A Duck’s Back

You don’t let worries get to your head; everything’s going to be ok. While sprinting towards a dropped pallet and in the dropped pallet’s range, press the Active Ability button to dive under the pallet to the opposite side of it and slightly knock the pallet back up. During the dive, you avoid damage. After one second, the pallet will drop back down, stunning the killer if they are within the pallet’s range to stun them. Causes the Exhaustion Status Effect for 60/50/40 seconds. Water Off A Duck's Back cannot be used while Exhausted. You do not recover from Exhaustion while running. “You’d be surprised at what things don’t bother me. Sh*t’s gonna happen. We’re just gonna have to bear with it.” - George Mabley  


  • Each of George’s perks tell the story of his past in the order of which they are unlocked.
  • Initially, I was planning on having George have a perk that can heal people out of the Broken Status Effect, but that would have a few problems: 1. It goes against George’s lore. George was unable to save his father from bleeding out, therefore George has no unique perks that focus primarily on healing. 2. Healing someone out of the Broken Status Effect would be overpowered. 
  • George is from Arizona.
  • It is unknown who the mysterious hunter is. However, it is possibly one of George’s siblings due to George ultimately gaining the most attention from his father more than any other sibling in his family.
  • The quote from Mathhew Mabley from the perk, Hunter’s Know-How is a line directly from my grandfather.
  • Water Off A Duck’s Back is actually a saying that people may use. It means “Having no effect on someone.”

Author’s Notes on George Mabley

I enjoyed creating George Mabley’s character. From his background to his unique perks, everything about George seems very interesting to me. It gives players a unique survivor, a hunter, someone survivor players are more common to go up against than to be allied with. George’s backstory also has some mysteries tied in with it such as the unknown hunter and the mystery behind where George’s mother may be. Overall, I like George’s backstory.

As for his perks, I want to discuss my design thoughts as I created them. Something I have noticed is that survivor players want perks that they believe to be ‘fun’. The thing about ‘fun’ is that everyone has their own view on what they find to be enjoyable for them, so it was a little tricky coming up with three survivor perks that I believe many people can enjoy. I did some digging and watching of other people playing the game and have commonly found that perks such as Head On and Deception are some of the most enjoyable perks for survivors to use. For that reason, I wanted to try and find perks that are in a way, similar to those perks in terms of ‘fun’ and try to make perks that can be enjoyed by survivors. 

George’s first perk is Hunter’s Know-How. This perk is able to grant you and the closest ally a large speed boost and/or the endurance status effect. This can be an enjoyable and very useful perk to use since you are instantly transferring your perk effects to the survivor, potentially helping your ally in a dire situation. A great example of this perk coming into use is by activating Sprint Burst while your ally is about to get downed and save them instead with Hunter’s Know-How.

George’s second perk is Tools Of The Trade. Out of all of George’s perks, this one has the highest danger of being considered overpowered. I have thought about this, so allow me to explain. For just about every action, the bonus wouldn’t be too big. For example, the most amount of action speed bonus for generator repairs would be 8% for the last generator you repair since the maximum amount of generators you can repair would be 4. The same goes for totems. The biggest concern people would have would be the maximum bonus you can get for vault speed. If you are at maximum tokens and at the best version of this perk, that is 20% faster vault speed. After doing some research (credit goes to this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6C3Scw265lQ&t=278s), if you have the best possible increased vault speed (35% with Tools Of The Trade, Spine Chill, and Resilience !that would be very difficult to achieve!), your fast vault speed would be 0.5798 seconds long. However, this perk does have two major weaknesses, of which if you do a different action other than vaulting or lose a health state, you lose all of your gained tokens. I believe that Tools Of The Trade has enough drawbacks to make it fair and balanced.

George’s third and final perk is Water Off A Duck’s Back. This perk is used for saving you in those ‘end of the road’ situations where all you have left is one lame unsafe pallet. However, with this perk, those unsafe pallets can be created into one-time-use safe pallets and can even stun the killer if the killer falls for the trap. Similar to Dead Hard and Head On, a killer may only get fooled by those perks once, however, it is still possible to trick them again depending on the killer’s skill level. Once you use this perk, if the killer attempts to attack you, their attack will not only fail since your hitbox is practically cut in half, but also can stun the killer once you knock the pallet back up for a short time. Succeeding in stunning the killer can give you that extra distance you need to continue the chase, saving your life. I’m aware of one of the most newly recent survivor perks, Smash Hit functioning in a similar way to this perk. However, I believe that this perk is fairly unique and even better in some cases than Smash Hit that Water Off A Duck’s Back can become a new survivor perk.

Overall, I am very happy with how I designed George Mabley’s background and unique perks. I believe that people would enjoy this new type of survivor as well as his perks. Now that I have discussed George Mabley, it is time to review the killer, The Spieler. 

New Killer: The Spieler


Jabez Rodriguez has always dreamed of being a professional gambler. Late at night, he would sneak down from his room to the basement of his home to see his father gambling with a group of friends on a table. Jabez was fascinated by this, watching all of the different cards being placed on the table and the clinking of chips. He wanted to be a part of it. He wanted to enjoy the thrill of the risk involved. At the young age of 12, Jabez would secretly steal his father’s set of poker chips and cards and play games by himself. Blackjack, Poker, Texas hold ‘em, he didn’t care if he played alone just so long as he could understand the fundamentals of the game. This would take a sudden turn, however.

Soon enough, Jabez’s parents found out about his secret and put an end to it. His father immediately put his gambling games under lock and key and severely punished Jabez by beating him with his belt. Whip after whip, Jabez cried, tormented by his father’s abuse. His mother didn’t even try to say a word or try to defend him as she watched her husband beat her own child. Jabez began to grow a deep hatred towards his parents as he began to spend more and more time away from them. This would carry out up until high school when Jabez’s life was changed.

One day, Jabez came across a boy around the same age as him, William. William had similar interest with Jabez and just like that, they became thick as thieves. The two would always try to hang out after school, try to come up with plots to mess with others, and eventually mess with others. They were the perfect duo as they both even entered a secret after school club which focused on card games and of course, gambling. However, the club had to keep gambling on a downlow due to the amount of trouble the group would get in. Nonetheless, Jabez was all aboard.

Eventually, after school, Jabez and William went to the club held at another boy’s home. When the two arrived, the boy’s father was drunk in the living room, showing no care in the world with what his son may be doing. Jabez and William ignored him and went downstairs to the boy’s basement and sure enough, the boy along with four others were playing a game of cards. Already reading the looks on the boys’ faces, Jabez knew immediately that his friend Udell was going to win the hand. Whenever the cards were played, Jabez was not surprised that Udell won, just like he knew he would. The boys offered Jabez and William a chance to join them to which they accepted.

Numerous games have been played and the group was getting slightly bored. However, Udell began to bring up the ‘old legends’ of Arizona. One of the boys immediately rejected the idea, however, everyone else sounded interested. Udell began to explain that a long time ago, two gangs, The Hellshire Gang and The Mason Kelly Gang fought around an area known as the Grave Of Glenvale, a place where only legendary individuals can be made and remembered by everyone. Udell also started to mention another location, the Chester Gambling Hall. Everyone but Jabez and William’s eyes widened in shock as Udell mentioned that name. Jabez questioned Udell and he only described that ‘the most dangerous game’ is played at the Chester Gambling Hall. 

Udell got up to grab something from upstairs as the rest of the group waited anxiously. William asked Jabez what he thought the game could be to which he responded that it’s complete BS. Udell came back downstairs with a small box and revealed a single shot revolver inside. Immediately, one of the boys got up and began to leave as another started to get up. Udell immediately insisted that they stay as he was only going to explain how to play the game of russian roulette. One in the chamber, one person puts the gun to their head and fires. If they survive, they pass the gun to the next player and so on and so forth. However, the last one standing wins. Jabez was instantly hooked as this was the riskiest game he has ever heard of. Jabez suddenly offered Udell to buy the gun off of him to which Udell immediately rejected. Udell offered to pay all of his savings of $3,000 to which Udell agreed.

Now completely out of money and with a gun, Jabez stayed as silent as he could be as he tried to hide the gun. He needed some way to now make big money or else he was screwed. However, he noticed that his parents were becoming nosey and had a hunch that he was up to something. For this reason, Jabez went quiet for a long time, finishing up school by passing and then later picking up part-time work as he tried to figure out life. That was until his parents began to add pressure. His parents informed Jabez that he had one month until he couldn’t live under their roof anymore. Furious, Jabez stormed to his room and banged his fists against the wall. He didn’t know what to do until he remembered the gun. The gun that Udell sold him. He took the gun, put it in his bag, and grabbed the very small amount of savings he had left and hit the road, never seeing his parents again. 

Jabez drove down the long street, trying to plan out what he would do. He no longer had a source of income, he needed a place to live, he needed food, water, everything. Jabez drove by a bank and then knew what had to be done. Jabez got out of the car, grabbed his gun and made his way towards the bank. Once Jabez stepped inside, he didn’t care if they saw his face as he wanted everyone to know who they were dealing with. The bankers immediately started to fill bags with money for Jabez as he kept his gun pointed to them. Suddenly, a civilian began to run away. Jabez immediately turned around, pointed his gun at them, and fired, killing them instantly. The kill made Jabez freeze, giving him a strange feeling of guilt, but at the same time, satisfaction, like he was in control of the situation despite the odds. Jabez snapped back to reality and grabbed the bags of money and threw his gun in the trash can, attempting to ditch the evidence. He got back in his car and slammed the gas, making his escape.

Jabez turned on the radio and heard that the police were on to him. As he continued to drive, he noticed that the area around him was starting to get dusty until he made it to what appeared to be a ghost town. Suddenly, he saw a civilian running towards him waving him down to stop along with a few others. Jabez stopped, not knowing what else to do. One of the civilians walked up to Jabez and heard about what he did, knowing that he had a large amount of cash. They offered him protection against the cops and permanent residence in their ‘group’ in exchange for his money. Jabez immediately accepted and followed the group of civilians to where they would offer him a place to sleep. Jabez continued to walk, noticing old buildings around the area, ranging from a ranger’s office to a pub. However, the building Jabez never thought he would see soon appeared before him; the Chester Gambling Hall.

When Jabez walked in, he noticed a couple dozen people inside, some of which were in fancy clothing while others looked to be homeless. The civilians offered him food and water, exactly what Jabez was looking for and introduced him to ‘Chester’s Gang’, the gang that never got involved with the Hellshire Gang or the Mason Kelly Gang. Instead, they supplied both gangs with various supplies in exchange for cash while also being primarily involved with gambling. Jabez loved this. A place to hide from the authorities and a place where he could gamble. It was a dream come true. 

Jabez walked around exploring the gambling hall and met a few people. One person in particular, was Lucho Jorge, a relatively older gentleman compared to the rest of them. Jabez learned that Lucho specializes in making various tools and deadly weapons for certain heists. One weapon that struck Jabez’s attention, however, was Lucho’s nail bombs. He seemed to be extremely proficient in the craft, therefore, Jabez asked if Lucho could help teach him how to make them, to which he accepted. For some time, Jabez would learn how to effectively make nail bombs for future hits on banks. 

One day, when it seemed like just another ordinary day at the gambling hall, an announcement was made that a special kind of tournament would be occurring. Specifically, russian roulette. Jabez immediately got excited and entered, wanting to win the gigantic cash prize of ten million dollars. Once Jabez entered, he was issued his own revolver for the competition since he had lost his previous one. However, when he was done signing up, he turned to see his old friend, Udell. Udell and Jabez greeted each other and Udell moved on to sign up for the competition. It had been years since they had seen each other, both growing up since the last time they had spoken. After they were done catching up, Udell walked by many people in awe of Udell’s presence, something that bothered Jabez for some reason. 

The next day, the competition had begun. Jabez would put the barrel of his revolver up to his skull countless times and not a single shot was fired. Jabez laughed as he saw his opponents brains splatter across the room and would call others weak for chickening out. The competition was going great, other than the fact that Udell was being recognized as a ‘hero’ of some sorts. Jabez hated hearing others praise Udell for nothing. However, as the list of contestants grew smaller and smaller, Jabez got closer and closer to reaching Udell, until finally, it was just the two of them against each other. 

The crowd in the gambling hall cheered as people placed bets on who would win. Money would be placed on Jabez while others would place money on Udell. Finally, the last game would commence. Jabez put one bullet into the chamber of five while Udell showed off his very own Collier revolver, putting one bullet in the chamber himself. The coin toss began and Jabez began by pulling the trigger; nothing. Udell pulled the trigger; nothing. Nothing happened for the next two rounds and tensions grew incredibly high. Jabez and Udell both sweated as Jabez pulled the trigger to be welcomed by nothing. Jabez’s heart raced as he watched Udell pull the trigger; nothing. Jabez’s heart sank as he knew what was next. He pulled the trigger and shot himself in the skull. The crowd cheered for Udell as they grabbed his Collier and hung it up on the wall. Everyone was thrilled by the competition as Udell won the grand prize of ten million dollars. While Udell was celebrating, a few workers began to drag out Jabez’s corpse. Jabez’s body was then thrown into a giant pile of bodies, waiting to be burned. The day soon turned into night as the moon came up. Jabez’s body lay there among the dozens of people, only for Jabez to open his eyes.

Jabez couldn’t believe it. He was alive. He slowly got up, feeling blood leaking out from an entire side of his face. However, he didn’t know what, but something was preventing him from dying right there and then. Jabez got up and walked back into the gambling hall to see that nobody was there and instead, asleep. He looked at the time and saw that it was 4 in the morning. Jabez knew something was up with the way Udell’s face looked. The smug piece of sh*t. Jabez looked around and saw his Collier hanging on the wall. He grabbed it and looked in the chamber inside to see that no bullets were inside. Suddenly, three men walk in and immediately ask what Jabez is doing to see that half of his face is missing. Jabez shouted and pointed to the chamber and the three saw that Udell’s revolver had no bullets inside. He cheated. Jabez’s screams and shouts woke up many as dozens of people entered the gambling hall, including Udell. Jabez saw him and immediately charged for Udell, choking him with one hand. Udell gagged for air as he snatched his Collier from Jabez and put a bullet in the revolver only for it to get knocked out of his hands by Jabez. Jabez kicked Udell away and picked up his Collier and fired, obliterating Udell’s face. The crowd was silent this time as Jabez left the gambling hall and searched for Udell’s residence within the small town.

Searching through one of Udell’s storage crates, he found many supplies for nail bombs and of course, the exceedingly rare ammunition for his Collier. However, Jabez now claimed ownership of Udell’s Collier, having killed Udell, the man he thought to have been his friend, but was instead, a rival and an egotistical one at that. Jabez had enough. He knew that he would get charged for murder so he had to make it quick. Jabez spent the rest of the day creating nail bombs, the very ones he had learned to make from Lucho who had long since passed away. Knowing this, Jabez didn’t care who he killed. Jabez began to set up a dozen nail bombs and various other explosives, planning to take the whole Chester Gang down with him as he detonated the explosives. However, what Jabez expected was not what he thought as when he opened his eyes, he was engulfed by a dark fog and a giant malevolent being approaching. Jabez pointed his Collier, ready for whatever may happen next.

Killer Rundown:

Base Stats

Movement Speed: 4.4 m/s

Height: Tall

Terror Radius: 24 m.

Power: Nail Bombs And Collier

“The combination between his favorite creation from his true friend Lucho and his greatest enemy’s fragile weapon make for a force to be reckoned with.”

The Spieler starts the trial with 4 Nail Bombs by default and 1 bullet in the chamber of his Collier Revolver. Right click to set and arm a Nail Bomb almost anywhere in The Trial. Doing so will leave the Nail Bomb active and ready to detonate. Hold the Active Ability button (CTRL) to detonate the Nail Bomb with the old cell phone. The Nail Bomb will detonate faster the further away you are from it, but slower the closer you are to it. Once the Nail Bomb detonates, it explodes, sending dozens of nails flying out injuring Survivors for a single Health State provided they are within the Nail Bomb’s effective range. Nail Bombs can be disarmed, but will take time in doing so and poses a moderate risk. Refill Nail Bombs at Lockers. 

Special Ability: Collier Revolver

Tap the Active Ability button (CTRL) to switch between the Collier Revolver and the Nail Bombs. Only one can be out at a time. Right click to aim down sights and left click to attempt to fire your shot. Like the Nail Bombs, refill the Collier Revolver at Lockers. Only one bullet can be in the barrel of the Collier Revolver at a time.

Power Trivia:

  • It takes 3 seconds to set and arm a Nail Bomb.
  • It takes 1 second to send the signal to detonate a Nail Bomb.
  • 32 meters or further away results in immediate detonation.
  • 24-31 meters results in the Nail Bomb detonating in 4 seconds.
  • 16-23 meters results in the Nail Bomb detonating in 8 seconds.
  • 8-15 meters results in the Nail Bomb detonating in 12 seconds.
  • 0-7 meters results in the Nail Bomb detonating in 16 seconds.    
  • Nails that fly out do not stop flying until colliding with an object or a Survivor.
  • Nails injure Survivors for a single Health State.
  • It takes Survivors 7 seconds to disarm a Nail Bomb, also receiving a Difficult Skill Check at a random time during the disarm action.
  • Succeeding the skill check immediately disarms the Nail Bomb. 
  • Failing the skill check results in the Nail Bomb blowing up, resulting in a guaranteed injury or down on a Survivor depending on which Health State they are in.
  • Survivors are able to disarm Nail Bombs in the process of detonating.
  • Disarmed Nail Bomb’s vanish from The Trial and can only be resupplied at Lockers. 
  • When taking your first shot with the Collier Revolver, you have a 20% chance of firing a successful shot.
  • If you don’t fire anything once, the chance of the shot being successful next time you attempt to fire increases to 25%.
  • If you don’t fire anything twice, the chance of the shot being successful next time you attempt to fire increases to 33%.
  • If you don’t fire anything three times, the chance of the shot being successful next time you attempt to fire increases to 50%.
  • If you don’t fire anything four times, the chance of the shot being successful next time you attempt to fire is a guaranteed 100% chance.
  • The Collier Revolver’s bullet travels at a speed of 60 m/s.
  • It takes one second to attempt to fire the bullet from the Collier Revolver.
  • Successfully hitting a Survivor with a bullet from the Collier Revolver damages them for a single Health State.
  • ADS zooms in to 125%.
  • During ADS, The Spieler’s camera yaw speed is limited to 80/90 % (mouse/game-pad) vertical speed and 40/50 % (mouse/game-pad) horizontal speed.
  • During ADS, The Spieler’s Movement speed is slowed down to 80% of his default speed, causing him to move at 3.52 m/s or 87.2%.
  • It takes 5 seconds to refill on Nail Bombs and the bullet.
  • If you already have active Nail Bombs in The Trial while you refill, they are consumed by The Entity.  


The Spieler is a versatile killer, able to detonate his Nail Bombs at various ranges or go for a lucky shot with his Collier Revolver.

His personal perks, Wild Card, Instigator, and Hex: Draw!, allow him to apply negative Status Effects, punish grouping, and take a chance of either greatly benefiting or harm himself.

Wild Card

Even from the beginning, you are willing to take a gamble. You start the Trial with 4 tokens. Whenever you hit a unique Survivor with a Basic Attack, one token is consumed and that Survivor is afflicted with one of the following Status Effects for 20 seconds at random: Blindness, Broken, Exhausted, Hemorrhage. Hearing, Hindered, Mangled, or Oblivious if they are not already affected by the specific Status Effect. Once all 4 tokens are consumed, it takes 80/70/60 seconds to replenish them. However, if Survivors have been sacrificed, then the number of tokens will adjust accordingly. “Ever since I saw my Dad with the card set, I’ve been able to master the art of unpredictability.” - Jabez Rodriguez


You know how to scramble up a team. Whenever you hit a Survivor with a Basic Attack, this perk activates. The closest Survivor within 16 meters of the hit Survivor has their Aura revealed for 8 seconds. Instigator can only be triggered once every 80/70/60 seconds. “I know how to get under peoples skin. Watch and learn.” - Lucho Jorge

Hex: Draw!

A Hex rooting its power on risk. You’ll risk it all, even if it damages your ego. While Hex: Draw! is active, Skill Check pointers travel 15%/20%/25% faster. However, when this hex is cleansed, there is a 50% chance that you gain a 5% Haste Status Effect for 60 seconds and a 50% chance that all remaining Survivors in the Trial gain a 5% Haste Status Effect. “I knew it. From the second I took a bullet to my face that the b*stard cheated. It doesn’t matter though. I could care less about what people will think of me.” - Jabez Rodriguez


  • Like all characters that I make, The Spieler’s unique perks tell the story of his past in the order of unlocking them.
  • The Spieler’s residence was in Arizona, the same location of the Grave of Glenvale.
  • The name Jabez means ‘borne in pain’.
  • The Chester Gang could have possibly outlived both the Hellshire Gang and the Mason Kelly Gang, however, this remains unknown.
  • The Spieler’s Collier Revolver is a real firearm and is incredibly rare to come across one. About 225 are known to exist and range from about $30,000 to $45,000 U.S. dollars.
  • The reason for only putting one in the chamber from a lore perspective is that The Spieler’s Collier is extremely fragile and only certain ammunition can be used with it. Also, The Spieler only puts one in the chamber to never let old habits die.
  • The name Spieler means ‘gambler’.

Author’s Notes On The Spieler 

When designing what The Spieler’s ability could be, I immediately thought about him using a revolver and only having one bullet in the chamber at a time. In other words, I wanted to design a killer based off of luck. However, I took some time to think about it and figured that many people would not be happy with a killer who only has a power that is luck-based. With that being known, I needed to come up with a reliable primary power to backup the rng ability. This is where the Nail Bombs come in. The Nail Bombs are meant to be used as a trap similar to The Trapper and The Hag’s traps, but in a different way; they can be remote detonated and if far enough away, detonated on-demand. This type of trap for a killer can bring suspense in games when a survivor walks by a Nail Bomb, with them knowing that it can go off at any time if they’re not careful. As for The Spieler’s Special Ability, the Collier Revolver I believe can be an exciting addition for a killer’s base kit. We currently have 2 killers, one of which their power is heavily focused on rng. That killer is The Pig. By default, Survivors have a 25% initial chance to remove the Reverse Bear Trap, the chance increasing for each subsequent box they’ve searched. However, if the Survivor is unfortunate enough, they will die by a killer’s ability which is focused on RNG. This is a topic that I want to discuss about The Spieler’s Collier Revolver.

With the Collier Revolver, The Spieler has an initial 20% chance of firing a successful shot, lower than Survivors removing a Reverse Bear Trap on the first Jigsaw Box. Another fact I want to bring up is the fact that despite the Collier Revolver’s bullet being the fastest projectile in the game, it can STILL MISS and it can only possibly injure or down a Survivor, NOT KILLING THEM. This is the perfect element of risk/reward that I have been looking for in a killer for a long time and what I believe to be fair for the Survivor. However, there’s more to discuss: the three types of randomness.

(Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ji59AoIRc8M). Although this was used in an example for a different game, I believe that it can still apply to Dead By Daylight. The three types of randomness are Reactable, Unreactable, and Unfair. Let’s start with Reactable RNG. Reactable RNG is when your opponent is able to see the randomness in action. Although they have zero control over what may happen, they have a decent time window to react and can avoid the situation. Next, Unreactable RNG is when your opponent is given insufficient time to deal with a random outcome. This is usually something to avoid in games; specifically competitive games since it compromises the skill of a player (I refuse to open the flood gates on whether dbd is competitive or not lol). However, it is still done from time to time by game developers, the main reason is because it is thrilling to experience. From landing a critical hit in an RPG, to your fate being decided on searching the correct Jigsaw Box, the developers add it in to spice things up. Of course, some players like and while others don’t. That goes for almost everything. However, the final type of randomness is Unfair RNG. Unfair RNG does not involve your opponent punishing you, but instead the game punishing you. One perfect example of this is actually in-game; the hatch. Now this can go both ways. Let’s say that 3 generators remain and a third Survivor has just been sacrificed. Neither the last Survivor or the Killer have any knowledge of where the hatch may spawn. No perks, no maps, nothing. All of a sudden, the hatch appears right under one of the players. If it appeared under the last Survivor, they immediately escape and the Killer would find it unfair while on the contrary, if the hatch spawns right under the Killer, they immediately close it and the last Survivor finds it unfair. Even this example could be controversial as some would say for example, “I deserved that last kill.” “Should have brought a map 4head.” “I deserved that escape for being the last one alive.” It’s a tough call, but this was the best example that I could find in Dead By Daylight that seemed to fit best with Unfair RNG. 

So where does The Spieler’s Collier Revolver sit? I believe it to be a mix of both Reactable and Unreactable RNG. One of the reasons that it could be Reactable RNG is if the Survivor counts how many times The Spieler pulled the trigger, that way, if they see that The Spieler had already pulled the trigger 4 times previously, then they will know to expect the next trigger pull to be a successful shot. However, it can also be Unreactable RNG as well. If The Spieler pulls the trigger and fires the one bullet first try, that could be unreactable for the Survivor, resulting in some to call it unfair while others will find it exciting. However, I strongly believe that it is still fair since the player playing as The Spieler only gets one shot to try and injure or down a Survivor with the Collier Revolver for just one health state.

For The Spieler’s primary ability, I believe the Nail Bombs would make for a very interesting addition to the game. For a trap, they are very unique, something that is significantly different from The Trapper’s Bear Traps or The Hag’s Phantasm Traps. Instead, the Nail Bombs can be used as a tool to detonate when making a correct read on a Survivor’s movement and can also be used to pressure a Survivor out of a certain area. In order to compensate for a Special Ability that was solely based on RNG, I needed to make The Spieler’s main Power reliable, therefore, I made the Nail Bombs. I don’t believe I have anything else to say about the Nail Bombs in general, so the next thing I want to discuss is counterplay against The Spieler.

For every single killer in the game, it is important that they have some sort of counterplay. If they don’t, then it is a massive problem, resulting in the killer being broken or overpowered. So, I’m going to briefly explain all of the counterplay for The Spieler. 

  • 4.4 m/s movement speed. Capitalize on this by reaching long loops as 4.4 m/s killers greatly struggle to combat long loops.
  • The Nail Bombs can always be disarmed ahead of time. However, there is a risk involved in order to reach the reward. Are you willing to risk succeeding a skill check in order for the reward of not having to worry about the active Nail Bomb?
  • If you know for sure that The Spieler is 100% setting a Nail Bomb down in a loop, don’t be that doofus and stick around in the loop as you’ll most likely get injured or downed.
  • Remember, the further away The Spieler is from an activated Nail Bomb, the quicker it will detonate. Know your distance away from The Spieler if you see him activate a close-by Nail Bomb. 
  • If The Spieler activates a Nail Bomb while in the middle of chasing you at a loop, you can always bait the disarm to grab his attention or just straight up disarm the Nail Bomb if he somehow lets you get away with that.
  • Once again, his 4.4 m/s movement speed greatly hinders his mobility. Spread out the generators accordingly. It’s not always about the chase.
  • For countering The Spieler’s Collier Revolver, visual awareness is important to keep track on how many times he tried to fire his revolver. If you know for certain that the next shot will be a successful shot fired, position yourself in a safe area to make certain that he misses. 
  • Various Perks can also greatly aid in your survival against The Spieler such as Spine Chill to counter his 24 m. Terror Radius and Small Game for his Nail Bombs.

As for tips on how to play as The Spieler,

  • Using his Nail Bombs successfully is largely dependent on how to read Survivors' movements. The more you know how Survivors think, the better you will do.
  • Pressuring Survivors out of a loop with a Nail Bomb is a very effective way to land a free hit or down. However, pay attention as to how the Survivor will react to the situation. Will they attempt to disarm the Nail Bomb? Will they try to make it to a new loop?
  • The more open areas that a Nail Bomb is in, the better. That way, the nails that fly out will have less chance of colliding within any obstacles in the way. However, make sure the Nail Bomb is still relatively hidden.
  • Time management is key for success. Don’t just set Nail Bombs down willy-nilly. You’ll have to plan accordingly as to where you should set them up.
  • Do not solely rely on the Collier Revolver to make successful attacks on Survivors. Instead, treat it as an unexpected tool that you can use. 
  • Go for Collier Revolver shots when you know the shot will be more likely.
  • Various perks can assist The Spieler in regards to parts of his base kit such as Iron Maiden, Monitor And Abuse, and Unnerving Presence. 

One last thing that I wanted to discuss about The Spieler’s power is a question that now pops up a lot more frequently now that it’s possible that we get killers with similar abilities. Why would I play this killer (The Spieler) over (Other Killer)? I believe that the killers that have the most similarities with The Spieler would be The Trapper, The Hag, and in a few cases, The Huntress. 

Argument #1: Spieler VS. Trapper

  • On demand trap activation. Trapper needs Survivors to step in his traps.
  • Nail Bombs will have a much larger range than Trapper’s Bear Traps.
  • Easier time finding Survivors with 24 meter Terror Radius than 32 meter Terror Radius.
  • Spieler has a RNG-based projectile Special Ability while Trapper has none.
  • Slower than Trapper.
  • Has to reload power.
  • Struggles at general chases around loops whereas Trapper’s 4.6 m/s speed can manage.
  • 6 traps is greater than 4. This means Trapper’s traps are more consistent than Spieler’s.

     = Both require setup.

     = Both have very similar map control, able to block generators with their traps and can easily find out when a Survivor begins working on that certain generator.

     = Both share equal height (yes, that matters for certain loops).      


Argument #2: Spieler VS. Hag

  • On demand trap activation. Hag needs Survivors with the Phantasm Trap’s effective range.
  • Nail Bombs have a larger range than Hag’s Phantasm Traps.
  • Spieler has a RNG-based projectile Special Ability while Hag has none.
  • Spieler has better pressure on generators than Hag as he can block generators with his traps and can easily find out when a Survivor begins working on that certain generator.
  • Has to reload power.
  • Struggles at general chases around loops whereas Hag can very quickly close out said general chases.
  • 10 traps is greater than 4. This means Hag’s traps are more consistent than Spieler’s.
  • Hag is shorter than Spieler, meaning Hag can mindgame easier than Spieler.

     = Both share the same speed.

     = Both share the same Terror Radius.

     = Both require setup.

Argument #3: Spieler’s Revolver VS. Huntress’s Hatchets

  • Faster than Huntress’s fully charged hatchet.
  • More accurate than a hatchet.
  • Longer range than hatchets.
  • Huntress’s hatchets are more consistent than an RNG-based revolver.
  • Easier to hit a Survivor with a hatchet than a shot from the revolver.
  • Has more chances to hit Survivors with 5 hatchets than with one random shot.

     = Both can hit Survivors from a distance and over certain loops, making both very versatile.

After reviewing all three arguments, it ultimately comes down to a player’s preference in the case for The Spieler. For other killers that may come out, it can be extremely obvious that an already-existing killer is better than the new one. However, I don’t need to repeat myself again, so I’m next going to move on to The Spieler’s unique perks.

The Spieler’s first perk is Wild Card. This perk is designed to give a Survivor hit with your basic attack one random Status Effect for 20 with a limited use for how many Survivors remain. This perk sticks with the element of randomness, something I believe can be very exciting for the player who uses this perk. While you never know which Status Effect the hit Survivor will be affected by, Wild Card can still make the difference with whether you catch a Survivor or not.

The Spieler’s second perk is Instigator. Instigator helps counter Survivors who want to group up and complete objectives faster by revealing the aura of the closest Survivor hit provided they are within Instigator’s effective range. While the effect may seem strong, it has a drawback with a cooldown of 60 seconds before you can use it again, making it what I believe to be a balanced perk.

The Spieler’s third and final perk is Hex: Draw!. Hex: Draw! Is used to serve as a temporary hex perk that can possibly make it difficult for Survivors to land skill checks if they are not paying attention. After the Survivors know of this perk’s existence, they then have an option to make. They can either bear with the faster skill check pointers or try and take the risk of getting rid of the hex. However, doing so may result in the killer gaining an extra 5% movement speed, but there is always a chance of the team gaining a 5% movement speed bonus. This can make for interesting gameplay, forcing the Survivors to choose whether or not to break the hex or not. It is a perfect representation of risk vs. reward in a perk and I believe it would make for a very interesting addition in the game.

Now that the perks are covered, it is time to finally move to the final part of this chapter concept: the new map.

New Map: The Chester Gambling Hall

The gambling hall which involved the most wild games always occurred here. This gambling hall is rumored to hold stories of old legends from the Hellshire Gang, the Mason Kelly Gang, and of course, the Chester Gang. However, after the most legendary scandal was discovered in a competition of russian roulette, the gambling hall would never be the same as detonations of dozens of explosives killed everyone inside. Once everything was said and done, no one remained.

The Chester Gambling Hall would be set in an outdoor map, similar to that of the Dead Dawg Saloon. This map would have similar obstacles like any map would in the Grave of Glenvale, but would have a considerably large gambling hall building most likely on one of the sides of the map or in the middle of the map. The size of The Chester Gambling Hall would be roughly 8,700 m^2 to 9,000 m^2, similar to the Dead Dawg Saloon.

Thank You For Reading!

If you actually read this entire chapter concept, then thanks a million. This was the longest chapter concept that I have made so far and I plan on creating more! Even if you only read a part of it, I’m just happy I was able to share my ideas with all of you. As always, feedback is appreciated. It lets me know what people are looking for in a chapter.

Until next time,



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