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The Ultimate Twins Guide!

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Hey! So I wanted to make a guide for everyone wanting to get better with the Twins <3. They have received a lot of backlash from the community, and rightfully so from the way they were released! But I want to kind of make people use them in different ways not just slugging... (Even though that's the most efficient way to play them)… So here is my list of all the things you should be doing when playing the Twins <3

Here is my first YT video on the Twins <3: https://youtu.be/6DJ6z8y4Q0M

  1. NEVER pounce onto an injured survivor when another survivor is nearby... All what this will do will allow the other healthy survivor to pick up the guy you just downed before you had enough time to get there (because they kicked you).. Resulting in zero pressure... Its better to pounce on he healthy guy to increase overall pressure... Its only ok to do this if you know that you have enough time to reach the survivor before they are picked up... This isn't taking into consideration WGLF which is very annoying as a Twins player.
  2. Block totems with charlotte where possible... Now I'm not sure if this is an exploit atm.. But most totem spawns can be completely denied of cleansing if you switch or release victor when standing in front of it with charlotte... Allowing ruin to be a threat for the entire match if done correctly... This works well if you have managed to injure multiple people before hand... Otherwise the healthy survivor will just keep victor and you wont be able to do anything...
  3. Victors hitbox is actually a lot smaller than you think... When trying to pounce with victor try tapping the button almost like pigs dash to make the survivor use their exhaustion perks earlier so its easier to down them later... Wait for the survivor to juke or get locked in an animation... then pounce... Otherwise you will miss and lose all the pressure you would have gained from that 1 down...
  4. Victor has a small window where he wont get destroyed if you pounced on top of an object ( Windows, Pallets, etc)… So you can use this time to trick the survivor in to thinking you are going to get destroyed... When actually you are using it as almost a shield from being able to be kicked by the survivor... Just make sure you get off of it in time or you will ACTUALLY die xd. You can use this as a mind game against the survivor to where they will rush back to kick you but you are actually just staying on the pallet to shield yourself from being kicked, they will still be able to vault the pallet but they will have to make a quick decision to what side they are going to stay on, making them panic and get into a more vulnerable position.
  5. Pounce off large objects as Victor to gain more distance when traversing the map... This is especially good for the late game when you are trying to find those injured survivors on the last few gens but victors base speed is to slow... Just make sure you aren't pouncing on the ground as you basically don't gain any distance as you have a lengthy cooldown animation when you finish it! Its much better to Pounce off of taller objects, for example the main building on Ormond and the Asylum! Pouncing off of the general hills you find around the map is also quite good, but not as good as jumping from main buildings <3.
  6. Toy sword is actually a detriment rather than an advantage... This addon seems good on paper, however in practice it will cause you to miss a lot more than without it... As you have less time to be able to predict the survivors movement... Therefore resulting in an early kick because you over committed to the pounce... Weighty rattle is a great alternative that allows you to keep survivors injured for longer!
  7. Block Pallets, Windows and doorways with charlotte... This has gotten me many downs... This is not very good if the survivor you are chasing is healthy.. But if they are injured you can block the area they are trying to loop you... They are then forced to make quick decisions on whether to leave the area or not... If they do they are an easy target getting over to the other tile... If they don't they have half of a loop to work with... Resulting in another easy down.. Just make sure you aren't to close to the pallet as the survivor can run up to you and get stun you out of your power... Also make sure the window you are trying to block is actually blocked LOL… Done that way to many times haha...
  8. Place victor in high priority areas... This basically means placing him in place where you know survivors like to go... For example the asylum building on Crotus, or the shack etc... This is because most of the time survivors will attempt to loop you as M1 Charlotte here because they know it is a strong place... However they wont know you have placed victor there until its to late... They will be out positioned as if they were looping Charlotte but now they have no time to position as if looping Victor... Resulting in an easy down...
  9. Place victor on top of downed survivors. Now I know this is a little scummy... But it basically allows you to protect your slug while you are going to pick them up... To prevent yourself from doing this often, TRY and let out victor closer to the survivor when Charlotte... So you aren't having to travel the entire map to pick up the survivor!
  10. Place Charlotte in the middle of the map to make pressure when returning back to her from Victor... What im trying to say is that Charlotte has quite a large TR of 32m, meaning when you have finished your stuff with victor... Charlottes TR will allow you to control the middle of the map when waking up... This is especially good to use in the late game when the gens are closer to the middle of the map (If repaired in that way of course)
  11. DONT always recall victor when the 30 sec timer has finished... Sometimes its better to actually let the survivor have victor for a longer time while you go and M1 the other survivors... This means that there could possibly be only 1 survivor working on gens in this process or possibly 0... As the guy kidnapping your power cant do gens... You are chasing another survivor.. And that just leaves 1 other survivor... Which is probably walking around the outskirts of the map because SOLO QUEUE lol.
  12. Let out Victor and don't use Charlotte when the gates are open... This is because you can prevent the survivors from leaving when they are pounced on... Making for an easy down...
  13. If all survivors are injured let out Victor... This is pretty self explanatory... Victor provides a lot of pressure just by existing... And survivors will be scrambling away from gens when they hear that you have released him... Meaning you have basically controlled the whole map by pressing M2...
  14. Use Victor as a beacon to find other survivors you can M1 with Charlotte... This is good if you are struggling to find anyone because they are hiding... Not a lot of people will expect that you have wallhacks when victor is nearby (On a survivor or idle) as his growls are quite hard to hear especially when they are injured... This has gotten me a lot of downs...
  15. Practice your M1 chasing skills to perfection... A lot of the time survivors will take your power away from you, especially in a SWF, resulting in you having no power for the next 30 seconds... You should however be using this time to find other survivors you can injure while waiting for the ability to recall... Otherwise you are just an M1 killer like trapper but with no traps and no pressure... Which will be easy gained gen time that survivors will normally not get when victor is loose.
  16. Leave survivors at OP loops... Even if you have done all of the chasing tips above... But somehow they are still managing to juke and outwit you... Its better to leave them and go and find another survivor... The more time you spend on them the less time you will have to pressure gens resulting in an easy loss... This is just a general killer tip TBH...
  17. Block gens with Charlotte so Survivors cant repair them... This only really works with the gens that only one survivor can work on... So for example the gens in Haddonfield houses... You can just block them with ease as Charlotte... Meaning they cant repair the gen they just 99'd... This tip will help you with those pesky gen rushers...
  18. SLOPPY...SLOPPY...SLOPPY... This perk is an ABSOLUTE MUST on The Twins... Your at your strongest when everyone is injured... So having them injured for longer is A MASSIVE ADVANTAGE... Just make sure you are actually getting use out of it and not just using Victor all the time for injures... Otherwise its a wasted perk slot...
  19. Victor has almost a grace period??? When you feel like you are too close to a window to be able to get the survivor who has vaulted through it... For some reason if you manage to get it at the perfect angle (Directly in the centre of the Window) Victor will manage to down the survivor without normally being able to do so... I believe this has to do with a possible aim assist victor has... Which can make him a lot more forgiving than what he originally seems...
  20. Its a little memey but... Place charlotte in areas where survivors cant see her... So when you wake from dormant... You basically had insidious and survivors will be panicking on where you are coming from... Resulting in early hits... Now this wont work very well if the survivors have good awareness.. But the average survivor will actually panic and get hit most of the time... This tip works extremely well with their ultra rare addon (Silencing cloth) Which makes her basically turn into ghost face and can get the jump on the survivors... Pair this with dragons grip and you my friend have got yourself a memey yet highly effective build... They will never see you coming <3
  21. Survivors abusing lockers are being smart and you should try and avoid them if you are to far away... Basically if you are to far away to be able to reach a survivor that is trapped by Victor... There is literally no point in keeping them in there... You now have no power until they release him/you get them out... Id strongly advise only jumping on to lockers if you know you can get there in time...
  22. Stridor works with Victor... This perk is actually very useful on them as it allows you to track survivors much easier... As Victor your vision is very poor compared to other killers and being able to hear those pesky iron will survivors or just any survivor tbh is a huge advantage... You will also hear their breathing louder to so if you lose a healthy survivor in the corn or something very obstructive to Victors vision... You will be able to hear their breathing and track them like that.
  23. Protect exit gates by placing victor and charlotte at them... There is a limit of about 8 meters of being able to place them there... However this is close enough to be able to stop the survivors from escaping... If you try switching back and forth between the two its almost impossible for them to open the gate... They either risk getting pounced on or M1'd by Charlotte. Its almost like trapper trapping the exit gates lol.
  24. Face Charlotte towards the location of the survivor when you are switching to Victor... This basically means when you have found a survivor, injured or healthy, it can be quite hard to track where they are going... So by facing charlotte in the general direction of where the survivor is heading, you will get a better understanding of where the survivor is trying to go... This works because you see Charlottes aura when playing Victor.
  25. You can block window vaults and pallets with Victor... This essentially works the same way with charlotte to... The survivor is now either forced to abandon the loop or use half of it and have a disadvantage... Either way you have the upper hand in this situation... The survivor will have to kick Victor if they want to use the whole loop but this will leave them vulnerable while they are stuck in the animation! This works really well with T and L wall loops <3 All you need to do is place Victor close to the window a and the survivor cant use it! You can block some doorways to but he's so small that its rare you will ever be able to do this unfortunately. Also make sure you aren't to close to the window or the pallet, otherwise the survivor will still be able to use it for some reason?
  26. Victor cannot be detected by Premonition or spine chill... This essentially makes him one of the stealthiest killers in the game, even though he has intermittent growling it can be hard to hear him coming... So any survivor relying on these perks rather than looking at their surroundings will have a hard time against this killer.
  27. You can use victor as a blocker to make loops unsafe. When looping as Charlotte and you have Victor available, its a good idea if a survivor is at a strong loop, to place victor in either the way the survivor will need to exit, or where the survivor is going around the loop! For example on Midwich there are a lot of loops which will can only be left from 1 exit, and by placing victor in a way that will block that exit you have essentially won the chase... The survivor will need to kick Victor and by the time they have finished the animation, you would have managed to have enough time to get around to the other side to hit them... Same goes for normal loops like the shack... If you place Victor at one of the doorways, he will block it making the survivor either leave the loop (Going into a dead zone) or kicking him and staying in that long animation which allows you to catch up! This is quite advanced as a tip and requires ALOT of map knowledge!
  28. Have Victor be idle in the area you are chasing survivors to catch them off guard! This essentially means when you are chasing with Charlotte and you get and M1 in, rather than give the Survivor the extra time to react and get away from the unbind you normally have to do... Its MUCH better to have Victor idle nearby so you can instantly switch to him, using the aura trick for Charlotte as said above, and then down them... As they were most likely making their way to the next tile... Leaving them VERY vulnerable to Victor!
  29. Have Victor guard one side of the map while you lure survivors towards him. This means you are essentially trying to chase survivors to the side of the map where Victor is idle. This will mean that they will yet again have no reaction time as all what they will have is your terror radius disappear and Victor is already there... This is very good against red rank survivors as they tend to think you only use Victor when you unbind him, so they are less likely to think you have hidden him just around the corner!
  30. Bait survivors into thinking you are switching into Victor to chase them! This basically means when you are at a loop as Charlotte, the survivor will be looping you as an M1 killer... "Obviously"... Well what they wont know is if Victor is either nearby or half way across the map... The trick essentially works like this... You stay at the loop as Charlotte and you pretend to switch to Victor fully and then you switch back in about 3 seconds as at that point the survivor will be panicking because they will think that you are getting Victor to down them at the loop... However, once you have switched back more often than not the Survivor would have left the loop... They are now in a dead zone which is Victors strongest situation! Take advantage of his 150% speed and get them before they reach the next loop... Or alternatively use Charlotte... If you believe you can reach them in time... This is where I would say the Bloody Black hood would come in handy.
  31. If a survivor is in a locker, you can bait them into coming out to kick you... This essentially means when you have found a survivor but they have gotten into a locker, you can switch back to Charlotte to make them think you are coming to get them with her... Then as soon as Killer instinct procs, you switch immediately back to Victor! This catches 99% of Survivors off guard as they will usually be in the first stage of the kicking animation and they will be unable to move properly for about half a second! I love this tip but it only works if they are using lockers!
  32. Victor can pounce over most of the low tiles/rubble on most maps! This works best on Auto haven... You have to predict where the survivor is going to move, charge up the pounce, get the arc right, and master his hitbox! If you are doing all of this and you manage to pull off this difficult trick... Its the best feeling ever! They will never see it coming! Of course this takes a lot of practice! The main thing you will need to do is practice Victors hitbox and the Arc of his pounce! Then you should be good to go <3
  33. Victor doesn't get destroyed if he jumps on a high surface on anything in Midwich! Self - Explanatory... Use this to your advantage to prepare for your next ambush

Best Perk Build: Of course this is just my opinion, but I feel I have a good understanding now on how this killer needs to be played

Sloppy Butcher - Keeps Survivors injured for longer... Making Victor a threat for longer during the match.

Discordance - This allows you to plan your route when releasing Victor, and allows you to have a better understanding on how you are going to control the different areas of the map.

BBQ - Self explanatory. You get extra BP and you get amazing tracking to show you where you should be going to get that M1 or using Victor.

Hex: Ruin - People may say this is risky... But as said in tip number 2, Charlotte is able to block totems and completely prevents survivors from cleansing them... Making it stay as long as the old Undying if done correctly.

(Corrupt Intervention is also a good choice over Ruin if you don't like the risk!)

Best Addons:

Weighty rattle - Keeps Survivors injured for longer (Best)

Tiny fingernail - Allows you to release Victor quicker and therefore catch up quicker (Best) (I'm becoming less reliant on this addon now)

Silencing cloth - Makes you undetectable making you a mini Ghost face and can catch survivors off guard (Memey)

Speed addons - These are decent but have a slight disadvantage where you will lose your muscle memory you had when using Victors base speed... Good for catching up but can result in a few misses because of muscle memory getting confused (OK, Not recommended)

Spinning Top - AKA Franklins for Victor! My general rule of thumb is only use this if there are 2 or more med kits in the lobby! As the longer the Survivors are healthy... The harder it is to use your power to its fullest potential! (Decent but worthless if there are no items in the lobby)

The rest of their addons are generally not very useful, the only ones which are ok I would say are the decreased cooldown when getting out of dormant (Bloody Black Hood) and The Stale biscuit (Decreased missed and successful attacks with Victor) These addons are ok but after the recent change to the view you get when waking up with charlotte... I personally find the Bloody Black hood unnecessary... And the stale biscuit is only really good for newer Twins Players who aren't very good with his pounce.

End notes: I hope these tips will help you all to get better with The Twins and I hope this post may actually increase the popularity of them... Because even though they are buggy and even though there can be some BS moments... I still believe they should have a place in our roster of killers and id really like to see them played more <3 Thanks for reading all the way through if you did <3

Thanks <3

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  • notstarboardnotstarboard Member Posts: 3,280

    Good tips!

  • PeaceNGreasePeaceNGrease Member Posts: 258

    Nice post with some good info. I didn't know stridor worked on Vic (even though it has no reason not to). Any.other perk synergies you see that work for these guys?

  • ZestyZesty Member Posts: 295

    Yeah Stridor is a fantastic perk on them! Id say the perks I have there are kind of meta ATM on twins tbh, but I'm sure ill be able to find one soon enough <3 Mind breaker is also a good perk as it allows you to keep most survivors that you chase with Victor exhausted, which can be very helpful!

  • PeaceNGreasePeaceNGrease Member Posts: 258

    Mindbreaker was actually one I've used quite a bit on them, and I'll say it is absolutely vicious with Vic. Looking forward to more from ya!

  • Mister_HoldoutMister_Holdout Member Posts: 2,900

    Twins main here. I think your guide is quite decent.

    One tip I disagree with is number five. I don't have the exact numbers, so I don't know if pouncing is faster or not. But right off the bat I can think of a major flaw with pouncing for map traversal. When pouncing, you can only see what's in front you. Whereas if you just moved around normally you can see what's happening in all directions. So by pouncing you could be missing valuable information. Plus, 150% movement speed is high enough to quickly get around the map.

    As for tip 16, are you referring to Victor or Charlotte (or both)? Because Victor can chase survivors almost everywhere except for a few windows. But if you're only talking about Charlotte, then yes I would agree.

    As for your build, it's good but I can think it can be better. Ruin by itself is not very strong, so I would swap that out with Corrupt Intervention. Also, try out Deerstalker on the Twins. Deerstalker allows you to slug as much as you want. And if you're playing against really good survivors, slugging is going to be your best bet.

    I've noticed that my play style is quite different from most Twins players. My strategy is to get all the survivors injured and then slug everyone with Victor. That's how I usually secure the win. Or, with three people injured you can slug some of the survivors and slow the game down. In short, I use Victor's insane chase potential to quickly injure/down survivors. Any M1 hits I score with Charlotte are an added bonus. The only time I use Victor as a trap is when I want to guard slugged survivors.

    That's basically how I play the Twins. Get as many people injured and then start slugging. And Corrupt Intervention, BBQ, Sloppy, and Deerstalker helps me do that.

    All in all, a solid guide!

  • ZestyZesty Member Posts: 295
    edited March 11

    Yeah.... It appears to me that you are a scummy twins player 🥱 Deerstalker 💀 what are we a nurse with 4k at 5 gens. Noo... It's the twins? Clearly by your statement you find it hard to utilize their power in a fun yet effective way... When I said about map traversal I was referring to jumping off of ledges and rocks, but you can just pounce normally to... I think you are a bit closed minded by the sounds of it... Maybe try and play them like I do... Lol.... Less slug and more of the 2 killer aspect of their power... You must be getting a lot of hate in the end game chat...

  • Mister_HoldoutMister_Holdout Member Posts: 2,900

    Scummy or not, slugging is the most effective way to play Twins imo. If you're up against good survivors, you'll need to slug them with Victor in order to win. Besides, chasing survivors with Victor is the most fun aspect of the killer.

    As for your map traversal idea, even using hills/ledges to pounce isn't that effective. You're better off just using your 150% movement speed so you can see everything clearly. Plus you can't even use that tactic on indoor maps.

    You also mentioned my end game conversations. They're not anything special. Survivors usually don't respond when they lose. And the comments I received were about Victor and how much survivors hated him. Which is normal because even the good survivors are surprised at how strong Victor is in chases.

    Lastly, I don't think it's fair to call me close minded. All I did was inform you of a different way to play Twins. I didn't intend to delegitimize your playstyle. I recommended the slugging playstyle because I think it's the most effective way to play Twins. But that doesn't mean you can't play Twins a different way. Most Twins players play them the way you do (and that's okay!) My main critique of your guide was the map traversal idea, which I fully explained.

  • ZestyZesty Member Posts: 295

    You cant tell me you don't gain distance lol that's absurd xd... I understand that the way you play them is effective.... but I try to think of it in terms of both sides... If I was a survivor would I dc or be pissed in this situation... If the answer is yes then I will almost never do that unless its necessary... The way you play Twins is the reason why there is so much hate towards them in the community... IDC how you play personally but I think IMO you are playing them incorrectly from a design standpoint...

  • Mister_HoldoutMister_Holdout Member Posts: 2,900

    Do you have accurate numbers to back up your claim about the pounce distance? Because otherwise your claim might not align with objective reality.

    And you said that I'm playing the Twins incorrectly from a design standpoint. How? Victor can chase at 150% movement speed, which makes him very strong in chases. Why would I not use that power to slug survivors? Slugging makes the most logical sense if you want to win.

    As for the fun of survivors, there's not much I can do about that. I don't feel overly bad about it because survivors have tools to counter slugging. Plus, landing pounces over and over again takes skill. So it's not like I'm being rewarded for little effort.

  • zulluzullu Member Posts: 1

    I'm also a twins main, and I disagree with some of your tips

    With #1 I feel like you need to provide more context with this tip, if your charlotte is across the map then yeah that's some what fair. But in most situations just getting the down and having your victor die is worth more. Having to heal a downed survivor means the survivors are gonna have to stay in that spot healing. And now you have way more options in this scenerio, taking out victor again and pouncing the healthy guy now means no one is gonna pick up your slug, or you could just approach the slug and get a hit on the healer, and even if your downed survivor gets picked up victor can pretty quickly take them both down.

    5. I only do this when there's obstacles in the way, or if I want to get my victor into a choke point after downing someone. As a main method of transportation it's just more risky, reveals your location, and you get less info.

    6. While I agree that toysword is very overrated, your reasoning why is really bad. The faster charge is purely upside, even when you fully charge your pounce you can just cancel whenever. Your over commiting argument doesn't make much sense to me in that regard. I just think it's overrated because the -.25 second out of 1 second doesn't really matter much, worst case scenario if you can't down someone is to switch to charlotte and switch back immediately, you'll 100% catch the survivor out of position because they never expect the double switch.

    8. THIS. I do this is all the time and it just amazes me that people haven't figured out how good his location abilities are.

    Also random thing unrelated, running deer stalker on twins is just so dumb. Victor is built in deer stalker, there's no reason for it. People, please stop running deer stalker.

    My build is corrupt intervention, bbq, sloppy, and agitation. I always avoid to do camping strats, and I admit I'm a heavy slugger but I USUALLY never purposely go for full team slugs. And typically I know when I don't really need to. I also like playing them similar to a trap killer, a play style where I never take out victor mid chase but can switch to a already well placed victor immediately after getting a hit. It's satisfying and I really recommend going for more interesting flank type plays like this.

    Corrupt intervention: I dislike ruin a lot, I'm not gonna baby a totem all day and I'm not gonna risk getting soul guarded. Corrupt intervention is more then enough slow down for this killer anyways, also the smaller area of workable gens let's you victor camp like 1 or 2 of them early game. I only really do this on meat plant though because victor can detect below and above him

    Bbq: yup

    Sloppy: yeah

    Agitation: partially due to my new found addiction to this perk, and partially due to it actually being strategically super useful. Agitation let's you pick up slugs without killing your pressure, let's you defend an idle victor with your faster movement speed, and just saves seconds of time that add up through the match. Similar to how sloppy butcher slows the game.

    I've also found success with blood warden, as cocky as it sounds I lose (more then 1 escape) very very few twins matches, but running blood warden and not being greedy pretty much means you never lose. Down someone in the egc, and pounce someone near a door is just gg.

    Favorite meme perk: huntress lullaby(yeah I'm a hypocrite), I've found a hilarious amount of success running lullaby on twins. As you've said with ruin, it's very easy to defend totems as twins, but I just find lullaby a more interesting/fun version of ruin. It makes picking up slugs extra difficult and provides gen info. I wouldn't say It's optimal but honestly it's not a bad pick either.

    Also some add on opinions:

    Victor's franklin's demise add on is actually pretty disgusting, I only really use it when I see 4 medkits but it's disgusting in those situations.

    Personally, I love the movement speed add ons. They make repositioning victor for flanks just that much easier.

    Stale Bread is an amazing add on for learning twins, for any beginners out there frustrated with missing attacks: run stale bread+kick time add ons. Survivor kicking can be canceled if victor recovers before it finishes, which is why kick time can be pretty useful. The go to build for learning aim and going for trick shots is definitely stale bread and kick time.

    Random tip: if someone enters a locker and they're not close enough for charlotte to actual take them out even if victor opens it, then move just a little away from the locker and switch to charlotte. If killer instinct triggers, then you can switch back and suprise down them. Works 99% of the time

    Otherwise nice guide, glad to see there's actually vocal twins mains out there! I've only seen 2 on youtube but I'm not really a fan of their playstlyes since they usually just do camping crap. Wish more people gave this killer a chance. Good luck with your matches!

  • ZestyZesty Member Posts: 295

    Thanks, its glad to see others like them and use them in better ways then slugging at 5 gens lol... I'm always here for some constructive criticism... I appreciate your views thanks for posting :)

  • JordanMaliciousJordanMalicious Member Posts: 265

    Here I was just expecting to see a big photo of a slug.

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