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Tech Issue [Game Crashes / Black Screens My PC]

SassQueenSassQueen Member Posts: 4

Hai hai ♥

Just got my new PC and have been able to run and stream the following games: Stardew Valley, ACNH, Overwatch, Sea of Thieves and Valheim to name a few.

However, when I run DBD my pc will crash shortly after the crow appears in the opener. Usually it goes black, monitors/keyboard/mouse & stream deck appear idle/sleep and then everything comes back on. Unlike the day before, Steam seems to keep the game installed (previously it would be uninstalled and I would have to reinstall). Not sure what could be causing it.

All drivers have been updated and Steam successfully verifies my files.


• CPU: AMD Ryzen | 7| 5800X

• GPU: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 [recently installed 461.72 Driver today]

• Motherboard: ASUS Prime x570-P

Looking forward to any and all help ♥


  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,423

    ANy error messages?

  • SassQueenSassQueen Member Posts: 4

    nope. it just goes black and turns back on and i need to sign back in / open my apps again

  • lisaliilisalii Member Posts: 10

    I am following this as I have the exact same problem.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,423

    That.... huh. That almost sounds like a windows issue rather than a game issue... but i'm not entirely sure where to start since it signs you out of stuff.

    So... i'm gonna go with a hail mary. What's your RAM speed?

  • SassQueenSassQueen Member Posts: 4

    RAM is 32GB and the speed is 2400

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,423

    Ok, so it's not the RAM. Had to check because I had a friend with similar CPU/Motherboard and RAM over 3200 and it was doing something similar (black screen on some games, BSOD on others).

    Try unplugging any devices from USB that you DON'T need. I have another theory that I need to dig into a bit more.

  • lisaliilisalii Member Posts: 10

    Hey, maybe this will help you:

    I had the same problem as you and have tried many things. Yesterday I did a BIOS update and since then the game runs again. Since we have about the same starting point and I also had black screens only in DBD, I wanted to share my solution with you.

    So best check your BIOS version. Mine was pretty old even though I had a new motherboard installed.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,423

    ^ I was sort of wondering that because I know ryzen 5000 and 500-series boards have some kind of USB bug. So I figured that disconnecting devices MIGHT help.

  • SassQueenSassQueen Member Posts: 4

    update finally got around to doing the BIOS update and yup it fixed it ♥ Thank you all so much!! (same issue occured with Apex)

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,423

    Glad you're sorted :)

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