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Perks Ideas #01

PCZóidePCZóide Member Posts: 40
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So, i had 2 perks ideas. Comment what do you think for one each other. The description is into the art.


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  • KingFrostKingFrost Member Posts: 3,014
    edited March 2021

    Rewind sounds like it wouldn't be very useful. As long as survivors pay attention to the status bar, they just quit working on those gens for 14 seconds. Basically Thrilling Tremors.

    Try to Find me sounds very unfun for killers. Especially with only a 60 second cooldown.

    Interesting ideas, but just not sure they'd work.

  • HuskyTwitterHuskyTwitter Member Posts: 66

    Although Rewind sounds really neat, I think survivors would just stop working on gens when they notice it. Maybe skillchecks should cause regression in that time, but that just sounds like old Ruin. Good perk idea though.

    Try To Find Me sounds interesting, but what if you want to use Dead Hard with it? Also, a 60 sec cooldown would get irritating for killers, maybe it should build up with chase time.

    Overall, really refreshing perk ideas and the images look great as well.

  • AhoyWolfAhoyWolf Member Posts: 3,534

    Rewind sounds cool on paper, but in game it would be a wasted perk slot , Survivors would notice that their progress is going down so they will just stop doing Gens for a few seconds, also 48 meters is quite a lot for it to activate.

    Try to find me also sounds interesting, but without LoS blockers I don't see it working ever, especially if it activates only in a chase.

  • PCZóidePCZóide Member Posts: 40
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