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Overall satisfaction.

kylerabdcgamer10kylerabdcgamer10 Member Posts: 269
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This is a very small poll regarding satisfaction gained from the dlc's, especially silent hill

Recently another game by the name of "Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals" have released a silent hill DLC featuring Heather Mason, Cybil Benet, Pyramid Head as a "boss fight", Roby the rabbit, The nurses and more creatures from Silent Hill. The accompanying map with the new chapter is LITTERALLY SILENT HILL, No not just Midwitch, but that's there too! its the town and that is absolutely amazing! What's even cooler though, when the Pyramid head boss arrives the entire map makes the "Otherworld" transformation AND THATS GOD DAMN AMAZING.

All character models that also appear in DBD are 10 times better and more accurate in "DDM&M" which is honestly shocking considering this game "DDM&M", and models come from a smaller game company. They managed to incorporate the "otherworld" as well as the "normal world" of Silent hill into the map, both looking amazing and spot on. As well as having extremely accurate and appealing models. I don't see why DBD couldn't do something similar with both map and character models in terms of quality and detail. For example "Midwitch" could start out as a completely normal school at the beginning of the match with everything looking clean and "normal" as well as having sunlight from the afternoon pour in through the windows, but as the gens get repaired the map begins to change to the "otherworld" until the finale gen is done making the map a dark hell scape at night with maybe blood rain.

so this is me expressing my disappointment in DBD and my dashed hopes for the Silent Hill DLC as well as all DLC's.

I'd like to see if others share the same disappointment that I have.

Heres a link to the trailer for the Silent Hill chapter in monsters and mortals https://youtu.be/njmLxWfP-ks

Overall satisfaction. 13 votes

Extremely disappointed in DLC's/main game "elaborate"
Gibberishkylerabdcgamer10DawnMad 3 votes
Disappointed in DLC's/main game "elaborate"
BlueberryDr_LoomisInsaneCoasterKirkylad 4 votes
Fine with DLC's/main game "elaborate"
WishIcouldmainRK67 2 votes
Happy with DLC's/main game "elaborate"
TapeKnotGeneralVherrik666NoOneKnowsNova 4 votes
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