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I'll keep it short and simple

MMR is going to kill this game, a prime example should be a recent release, Black ops Cold War

Since that game is basically constant comp matches, barely anyone has fun and everyone's stuck either tryharding, playing Zombies or quitting entirely. And CW doesn't even have bad balancing for the most part and that's just a shooter game.

Now apply this to DBD, the game would be dead in weeks. Please don't add MMR, I beg, make newer accounts have like, separate queues that go back to normal rank queues after ~5 minutes. If you want to make the game more player friendly, don't just consider the new audience, remember you still have an existing audience to take care of. Even if your MMR works perfectly, the game would become so competitive it'd become a draught of players very quick.

I love this game, please don't implement MMR, improve ranks and emblems, please


  • PanicSquidPanicSquid Member Posts: 654

    If you don't want an MMR, then real question is how do you improve emblems and ranks in a way that fixes matchmaking?

    Emblems as is, are awarded for achieving a certain number of points, awarded for performing certain actions in a trial. Those actions are not necessarily dependent on skill. This leads to the problem of solo-queue where your teammates can be terrible, but still within the same rank, because they do the right actions to pip up.

    Meanwhile on the killer side: each killer is inherently different from the others, with different strategies and mechanics. It is unreasonable to assume that an experienced should be matched the same when they play their main killer versus the killer they are playing for a daily quest.

    The beauty of a skill based system is that if you want to be chill when you play the game, you just need to chill as you play and the matchmaking will match you with people who are performing similarly. Conversely if you play sweaty, you will be matched with sweaty players.

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