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Hey Guys! I made a professional how to play the Nurse Guide & Course. I am a former competitive DBD player that played competitive tournaments for 2 years (I started on the very first ever DBD professional tournament sponsored by Behavior). I've also played DBD for over 5 years and have been a Gaming coach for over 5 years also. I was the original, first and only player at that time that could play the nurse on console at tournament level on tournaments.

I've coached players on all platforms with the informations in this guide and they all showed drastic results, so I know it works and I'm sure this is the best thing you can find regarding how to play the nurse on the internet. There's information here for all level of players, including experienced nurses.

No one did this for me back when I was learning the nurse, I had to learn everything by myself so I am glad to be able to give you the opportunity I did not have, and save you 5 years in one video.

Enjoy and let me know how much it helped you! Share it with more people you know could use the help on playing the nurse or that want to improve with her ^_^

Here's link to my free guide video: https://youtu.be/EPSuYnnqvDw


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