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Control Bloodweb Perks To Get The Ones You Want Faster!

Scorpion_rulezMKScorpion_rulezMK Member Posts: 25

Hey Guys! This is not known to many people it seems, but I created a method that essentialy let's you control the bloodweb into giving you the perks that you want much faster. This is not a hack nor exploit, is just very efficient and smart. There is still the RNG component in it, the method just insanely increases the RNG to favor the perk you want to get. This is mostly only to get it at level 1, level 2 and 3 come in sequence so they are not RNG at all.

I made a guide explaining it here: https://youtu.be/of5lJidSh14

In the guide I also show a real example using the method getting my killer from level 1 to 50 to have my entire desired perk build (and a few extra good perks I got along the way) by then, all perks level 3. All of this by controlling the web. Enjoy and let me know if it helps, many people tell me it does. Share it with more people and friends you think it may help also ^_^

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