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Just_AlexJust_Alex Member Posts: 54

So, I've been playing around with the settings a bit because it's really annoying to play a choppy and overall clunky stutterfest for almost a year now and here's what I found out...


No performance difference between LOW and ULTRA (Both say 30-50 fps but feel like 15-20 tops)

No performance difference between 100% and 50% Render Resolution

Auto Adjust makes the framerate go on a ride between 5 and 60 fps


No performance difference between sg.ResolutionQuality=100.000000 and sg.ResolutionQuality=10.000000

No performance difference between V-Sync on and off

No performance difference between 720p and 1080p resolution

I also tried to put the screen resolutuon (Render Resolution In-game) to 20 (from 100) and again no difference. Even tho this and sg.ResQuality usually give quite the big boost.

Stutterings/Freezes were all the same on all settings. When the round starts, touching/walking by gens, getting hit/attacking, second stage on hook, sometimes when vaulting pallets, Skill checks, and a few more.

The only thing that changes are the Menu/Lobby fps from 120 (Low - capped) and 70 (Ultra) when changing these settings.

Specs are:

GTX 1050

AMD Athlon X4 860k Quad

8 GB Ram

Installed on an HDD

Everything up to date

And before you ask, other games work perfectly fine and a friend who has a decent rig (2060 super, i7, hdd/ssd, 16 gigs of ram) has issues too, so I don't think this has something to do with my PC.

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  • InsaneCoasterInsaneCoaster Member Posts: 181
    edited March 24

    To be completely honest, DBD isn't very well optimized, which is certainly a big factor. Although I would say the game is definitely a major factor towards this issue, I do think your system could be partially responsible. Although there wouldn't be a bottlenecking issue with that build, the CPU is quite old now and is definitely behind modern standards.

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  • TheArbiterTheArbiter Member Posts: 393

    Hmm, you should be seeing differences in performance going from Ultra to Low, I do at least. It's possible that as InsaneCoaster said above that you are being bottlenecked.

  • Just_AlexJust_Alex Member Posts: 54

    Could be. But it wouldn't explain why it's the same for my friend, who has a well balanced rig tho. Also, Before twins changing the settings still made a difference fps wise (either 20-30 on low or ~10 on ultra). Everything worked perfectly fine on med-high settings before Blight. And if I'm bottlenecking, shouldn't it affect other games aswell? Like, this still confuses me after all these years, sorry.

  • InsaneCoasterInsaneCoaster Member Posts: 181
    edited March 24

    I don't think you're bottlenecking, those components would work perfectly well with each other (sorry I misworded that a little in my original comment). I just mean the components are a bit older.

    I'm surprised your friend experiences the same issue though. My rig is relatively equivalent to your friend's rig, and I definitely don't experience this to the same extent.

    A lot of it is definitely down to the game though - generally poor optimization. I know someone with an older rig who has also had some major FPS drops since the Twins chapter, and changing settings hasn't done much for him either.

  • Just_AlexJust_Alex Member Posts: 54

    Nah. All good. Was my bad. It's 11 PM for me and I'm running on coffee at this point. I'm gonna test the integrated gpu and overclocked gpu later and see how that goes. I read somewhere (don't know where it was anymore) that someone had to switch to integrated graphics because the gpu couldn't handle the game. Was testing different clock speeds on my cpu and again no difference. This is a big sadface moment.

  • LascivarLascivar Member Posts: 34
    edited March 26

    I'm extremely surprised your friend is having issues with their rig with those specs as they should be running the client practically flawlessly on Ultra.

    Your PC on the other hand is using the 1050 which unfortunately can cause the game to struggle a bit with anything from medium-ultra, but I'm a little curious as to why it's having issues on low as the dynamic shadows are stripped from the game on low, along with using lower quality shaders.

    Could you possibly record some gameplay on Low vs Medium?

    Also could you be a little more clear on the actual issues? Are there consistently low frames? Is there mostly just spikes/stuttering during major events? Are there any maps causing more severe issues than others?

  • Just_AlexJust_Alex Member Posts: 54

    Could try to record some gameplay. But that has to wait because of work and lack of sleep.

    Sorry, but I don't know how to be even more specific. Stutterings/Freezes usually happen every time I load into a new round and when one of the listed things happens for the first time. No big performance difference between the maps. It's more or less the same on every map except Ormond (that one seems to be running worse sometimes). Also found a possible (temporary) fix. But more on that later once I tested it a bit more.

  • Lakshya01Lakshya01 Member Posts: 42

    There is scalability option in Gameusersettings, i edited it for you for maximum performance check this out! if this works for you don't forget to give me feedback!

  • Just_AlexJust_Alex Member Posts: 54

    Looks like I forgot to mention Scalability... My bad! Scalability has been set to 0 since forever.

  • Lakshya01Lakshya01 Member Posts: 42

    You can add this to engine.ini also






  • Just_AlexJust_Alex Member Posts: 54

    Yeah... so... wanna hear something funny? You probably won't like it tho :/

    That's already in engine.ini...

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