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New Generations Gaming Dead by Daylight Tournament

BlindSpiralBlindSpiral Member Posts: 5

Hey everyone! My name is Blind Spiral, and I will be hosting a Dead by Daylight tournament for anyone to enter on Saturday April 10th and 11th! The link to our rule document, as well as an invitation to our discord server, and a short video explanation of the rules are below! They will be the best sources of contact for me, and I'm happy to answer and questions anyone has. Really looking forward to the event already.





  • RellewdRellewd Member Posts: 195

    I'll be tuning in, and im scared to apply for a killer role on a team i dont want to fail a team if i got on one...

  • BlindSpiralBlindSpiral Member Posts: 5

    Feel free to join the discord and create your own team, or join some of the other teams as a sub even! There are a couple teams forming that haven't even played together and are still working out the kinks. I'm sure you'd fit in :D

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