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Can we please have a chill mode?



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    A mode without SWF and no ranking would be amazing.

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  • JasmineDragonJasmineDragon Member Posts: 372

    it was a good question, and some people just wanna be angry, have a good one <3

  • JasmineDragonJasmineDragon Member Posts: 372
    1. My initial post said exactly what I suggested. White and Yellow add ons/items only. 15% longer gen and sacrifice speeds
    2. Every other casual mode in every other game rewards all play, but incentivized ranked/comp play with far greater rewards and daily challenges
    3. I literally said half
    4. why would anyone be kicked out of casual play, as I said it would match make off your earned rank but not effect rank, and it locks what you can use
    5. there is no definite win con in dbd, but with the decreased bp gain you'll need to play ranked to rebuild up your add on pool either way
    6. Every other game has a casual and comp pool, usually ranked has longer que times but that shouldnt actually be an issue here seeing as most people are used to ranked play
    7. casual isnt like a separate bracket, as we've been discussing, every game has a ranked game mode, and a casual game mode, they are separate and you choose when to play them
    8. the only cosmetics you earn from gameplay are through rift, trying to grind such things in casual would be foolish seeing as youd have reduced rift gains. It is likely certain tomes would be locked to specific modes, as that is how other games often handle battle pass challenges
    9. The Devs would have the final say, but in general, the difference between ranked and casual games is that you have shorter times to accomplish goals, and things take longer to do. Going off rainbow six as the example we used before, in casual you get an extra minute of play time, and the bomb defuser takes half the time to plant. The only timed equivalents are gens and hooks, so the obvious answer is to make each of them take slightly longer. Disabling the highest tier add ons also limit the more aggressive mechanics, so thats kinda an obvious choice.
    10. Realistically there is no perk or build that is so oppressive that it should be game breaking in this environment. If you HAD to remove perks, the simplest answer is no hex or exhaustion perks can be used in this mode, but I personally would not advocate for that

    As I keep saying however, you are clearly not reading my messages. I have said, literally each of these things already. Literally not a single one of these are new to this conversation.

    And once again, Im not proposing any crazy new idea, DBD is the outlier. Every other competitive game has a Ranked setting for high risk-high reward, optimized play, a casual mode for a matchmaking, qued game for intermediate play, and a custom game for an unrewarded, friend v friend environment, with no matchmaking system. This is not a new concept, we've had these systems for as long as online gaming as been a thing. We're talking almost 20 years now... I shouldn't have to spell these things out for you

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    What do a lot ok killers complain about now? Fast organized (swf) games. What do survivors complain about? Tunneling, camping.

    with that said, let’s imagine that bhvr announces a “casual” mode where players can go for “casual” games. The people described above move to the casual mode. How do you intend to keep folks from wanting to win and if wanting to win is allowed, how much desire to win is ok and how much isn’t?

    assuming that killers leave “ranked” mode in large numbers to go to the casual mode, this will cause ranked mode survivor Q times to sky rocket. The survivors in ranked mode then are forced to play in casual in order to actually play the game.

    we wind up with exactly the same thing we have currently. We will need a casual mode for the casual mode.

  • MoundshroudMoundshroud Member Posts: 4,460
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    I appreciate that you took the time to answer these questions, most of them anyway. But I suspect you still aren't understanding what I'm getting at in asking them. OBX, another poster here, clearly does. Most people define a "casual" mode as less competitive, or less sweaty to use the slang I do not like. The very notion and idea you put forward gives the impression (unless they look at the specifics) that a lot of things they think are problems would be addressed. Your suggestions do not address them at all. People don't spend most of their time calling for a casual mode complaining about the Add-On(s). The spend their time wishing the SWF would go away, tunneling would be a thing of the past, camping would be against the rules, and slugging not allowed.

    In short, most people see "casual" games as those where people don't fight so hard to win, using the ANY tactic that gets results. I submit that what you have defined (and I still don't think it is specific enough) wouldn't be casual at all. It would still be just as hard fought and have just as many people complaining. In short, your version of a "casual" mode isn't going to fit their expectations. There are lots of things on your list that think are fine and could go into the existing Que. I think you will find if you went back through my posts (and your own) that we aren't that far apart on some things. The reason we are at odds here is because the devil is in the details. What you are calling casual isn't what most people are asking for when they say they want a casual game.

    I'd like to, and I am not being an ass here, point out a few unintended consequences of the changes you propose.

    1. Killer diversity would take a nose dive. Many of the so-call "less effective" Killers have build changes via Add-on(s) that don't necessarily make them better but do change how they play. Without access to those Add-on(s) they simply won't be chosen. Most Players will gravitate to those Killers who are already plug and play ready. Consider Spirit, even without a single Add-On she is a terror. How much more often will she be played over those Killers that are literally Add-On dependent? And remember, most of the Killer Add-On(s) that mean anything are Purple. Survivors are far less impacted by Add-On changes than Killers.
    2. Survivors have Perks which allows them to pull fancy Equipment during the match, and even ones with spicy Add-On(s) which will bypass your limitation. This would have to be addressed would it not?
    3. Wouldn't extending both Generator and Sacrifice time only lengthen a match without altering anything specific? More to the point, if you increased both of those things, would SLUGGING would become the most common tactic in the game. If it takes longer to put someone down, the four person slug before hooking anyone is more effective; then it doesn't matter how long they are on the hook.
    4. In turn, if slugging is the new competitive META due to the change in hooks and generators, won't that also create less diversity in Survivor Perks? Those that allow people to get back up would pretty much be auto-include.
    5. In addition, wouldn't it be prudent for the Killer to down someone and then camp in the general vicinity of the downed person to then slug as many in the same area as possible so they can hit the people who try to jump back up? I mean in theory, since slugging would be more effective in this format, it is quite likely that people would spend most of their time on the ground in long, bleeding out matches to only then spend extended time on the hooks due to extended sacrifice time.

    I'm not going to go to ten just to be an ass, but when I brainstormed I came up with twenty-two problematic issues that came up. Some of them are new created by your format, and some of them are the same ones we face now. My point, and again I was never against your utopian ideal of somehow achieving your goal, is that there is nothing less competitive in this format. In short order why would anyone stay there if they are still having Sweaty games and earning LESS XP and BP? It would be the same thing with just different tactics and less reward. I'm not trying to be a stick in the mud just to be a stick in the mud. I'm drawing attention to the fact that how YOU define casual is not how most people see it, and there would be nothing casual about your version. It would just have fewer options but just as cutthroat.

  • JasmineDragonJasmineDragon Member Posts: 372

    Iri Head, long term exhaustion based add ons, infinite tier 3 myers, all exposure and mori add-ons, insta heals, turbo gen boxes, flash lights that can be used with macros to extend their use to over 20 full seconds, would all instantly be removed. And of course the chests themselves wouldn't be able to circumvent the prerequisites of the game.

    Longer sacrifice timers would discourage camping, as it would provide much more time for survs to heal and begin gen work.

    There are killers who are add on dependant, but no killer whose dependant add ons are of green quality or higher. While there are green, purple, or even iri add ons that make things far more consistent, trapper with yellow bag and trap setters is more than good. Wraith's two best consistency add ons are Bone Clappers (yellow) and the ghost soot (white). Myers can get his movement speed while stalking and stalking boost from white and yellow as well. While not perfect, yellow and white have options for all add on reliant killers.

    If slugging were really that much of an issue, which I still don't think it would be (Ill go into why after), then you can just increase bleed out timer. Its already insanely long as is, but death by bleed out is meant to stop someone from going down and crawling into a corner to kill time, it takes far too long to actually be a strategy for kills. This aside, the fastest way to kill, and the most efficient for points, will remain going for 12 hooks. Letting someone bleed out has no associated reward and will not help towards a decent score. Slugging is just too slow and too easily countered to be worth the point loss you are taking.

    Overall, a casual mode isn't meant to be easy. Its not suppose to be a candycane and gum drop romp. Its still the game, you still want to win. The point of a casual mode is games are slower, actions aren't optimized, and you really aren't playing the game at its fullest realization. It isn't a "chill mode" so much as its not so much of a "sweat fest. It isnt the hardest core environment, it is an environment to experience the game in a less competitive setting. You are so focused on trying to poke holes, (in ways that are really stretching it), that you keep ignoring the existence and purpose of casual modes in literally every other competitive game

  • MoundshroudMoundshroud Member Posts: 4,460

    Hrm. We will have to agree to disagree. I don't think your change in Add-on(s) will have near the effect you think it will, and will have so many negative, unintended consequences that very few people would even be willing to play in it. I don't think you would be able to field enough Killers for one as they will suffer far more than Survivors in your setup. I think both Ques would be slow to the point of detrimental.

    Finally, I think my original point to you is still 100% correct and the most telling here. EVERYONE defines a "casual" game differently. Most people do not define it as you are doing. Unless there is agreement by the majority of the so-call community on how a "casual" game is defined, it is never going to happen. It is impossible. That is the point I've been trying to make to you. I have not been ignoring what you write. I haven't been ignoring your ideas. Some of them are interesting but don't need another Que to implement. What I have been doing is cutting to the chase, the cruel, logistical fact that what you want isn't possible for a host of reasons, not the least of which being that there is no demand or agreement on the shape of it.

  • JasmineDragonJasmineDragon Member Posts: 372

    If I already answered 90% of the questions you kept asking then once again, its not about me, its about you. As I said, you kept shifting the burden of necessary constraints. I even listed the progression of what you deemed as necessary and how drastically it shifted. This was never about me arguing my position to you, it was about you having a knee-jerk reaction and making your decision before considering anything. I addressed the issue with ques, and at this point the only other point you have is "there will probably be unintended consequences"

    There just doesn't seem to be anything substantive you want to add, seeing that all of the issues you brought up were already answered. Like that annoying kid in freshmen history class who asks a really dumb question that we had been going over for the first 20 minutes.

  • OBXOBX Member Posts: 854

    Let’s just be 💯 about this debate. While a good debate, it’s already getting bogged down in the details. This addon bad, that addon good. This tactic bad, that tactic good. This is trying too hard while that is acceptable.

    all of this is taking the decision making of individual players out of their hands. Once those “unacceptable” things are removed do you know what happens? People adapt and make newer “unacceptable” things.

    a mode already exists for like minded players to battle with whatever rules are deemed appropriate: KYF. It would be impossible to get however many people play this game daily to agree to what is deemed “casual”. If it were implemented, it would be impossible to prevent players from continuing to try to play to win in the most efficient way possible.

  • dontpanic503dontpanic503 Member Posts: 47

    I don't think it would solve much, because other than streamers, rank doesn't mean much so tons of good players would just switch to chill mode and still play hard. I'd rather see a challenge mode that sets up non-ranked games with different rule sets for more fun/casual play.

  • SadsnacksSadsnacks Member Posts: 677

    Having the killer able to participate in the pre game chat would probably make for a lot of chill matches

  • mexicowlmexicowl Member Posts: 53

    Oh gosh I hope he doesn't return because of that lmao. Idk if you read the rest of his replies back and forth but dude refused to admit whats clear of him just being his own reason for not being able to relax in any games casual modes.

  • Maxthewicked100Maxthewicked100 Member Posts: 29
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    Sadly there's just so many of these whiny people in the gaming community as a whole these days. Fuelled by nothing but toxic competitive PvP and anything else and they have to prattle on and on about how bad PvE is and how it 'ruins' their experience when it would otherwise actually improve diversity and bring more players and revenue for those who want such an experience. Just think how good DbD would be if a bot mode (and/or players (maybe even friends) vs AI killers) would be especially if you can earn bloodpoints and earn rift shards. That way, everyone could play it and also it'd be a good way to break away from a bad match streak. I'd actually pay for the rift passes and dedicate my time to the game again if they just made it a option. About 95% of the time I spend playing PvE in games alot of the time folks either get by or are actually friendly through the whole match.

  • mexicowlmexicowl Member Posts: 53

    I agree on pretty much everything you said except for the earning points and stuff, maybe for cosmetics and such or even if the economy for the pve bloodweb was seperate from the pvp but definitely wouldn't be good to earn bp and shards for the pvp mode in a pve mode. Some people only play as much of the game as they do to grind bp and level up and prestige and what not, taking away those players would make queue times longer or it would just let people complete challenges without the challenge which is kind of against the whole point. Obviously people do farming games anyway but thats rarer and a bit different. Not to mention its against the rules im pretty sure (although no one cares because everyone likes a break)

  • KateMain86KateMain86 Member Posts: 1,514

    To correct you, the mode exists if you have 5 people together who want to do that which also gives no experience or BPs. Its not the same as actually queing for a public match and getting matched with random people with rewards to gain. I have always said that DBD needs another game mode. Either a non rank mode or something where people can just have fun without having to worry about a sweaty killer that will do anything to protect that number by their name. The game DOES need a casual mode. It needs multiple casual modes. It needs something more for us to do with these character that the same old thing for years now. I have suggested a reverse roll mode just for fun (kill the killer for example) that I think everyone would find hilarious and have a lot of fun with. This constant rank incentive mode gets old very fast and causes so much frustration when you have all kinds of players being lumped into one game mode. Let the people who want to rank up play ranked and give something for us that don't something else to do.

  • FrndlyChnswSalzmnFrndlyChnswSalzmn Member Posts: 705
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    Okay, let me turn this argument around on you: DbD is a one of a kind game; nowhere else will I find the asymmetrical horror movie killer experience like this. I don't have the option to just find another. If I want to play iconic horror monsters chasing down survivors in a challenging gameplay environment, I have to play DbD.

  • mexicowlmexicowl Member Posts: 53
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    You didnt turn it around at all, you said what I said but differently. That was literally my whole point that theres not other games like this to just go play? I guess you spun it as "if i want this challenge" then you missed the point, the point is theres no other games like this to play whether you like it challenging or you like it casual. Which still supports that this game needs a casual mode because it wouldnt take away from the ranked, just would create a casual option.

  • FrndlyChnswSalzmnFrndlyChnswSalzmn Member Posts: 705

    Splitting the playerbase would just have everyone move to whichever mode had the better queues. But you believe what you want.

  • mexicowlmexicowl Member Posts: 53

    Jesus why are there always people like you, you miss the point just like the other dude who had it go over his head. Its not about being perfect as a solution, some would, some people would come just to be trolls and sweat. But it would still provide at least a little incentive to be more chill. Kind of like how literally every other casual mode in any game ever works.

  • mexicowlmexicowl Member Posts: 53

    The other dude was clearly the problem but you must have just been skimming through looking for a rage response, his anger was very justified as the dude simply wouldn't stop repeating the same things, ignoring points against his own, and all around being dense.

  • SeraphorSeraphor Member Posts: 5,238

    It's called Custom Game

  • ApollosApollos Member Posts: 1,052

    I'd say it's just rank, but this anniversary event is all about getting event items and farming blood points and I'm still getting really aggressive killers. It's a popular playstyle is all. I wish they'd just let us block players we don't want to play with. I'd take longer queue times if it meant I didn't have to run into someone that slugged the entire group and held the match hostage, or a survivor going out of their way to expose us to the killer without the killer knowing we're not friends. It might cut down on people being unfairly reported too, but you can only hope.

    It's pretty backwards when you think about it. People complain about how terrible and unfair people are in the game, but we can't do anything to avoid playing with them and we're punished for backing out early. Why not just give us the option to not play with people we've had a bad experience with, with a warning on how it might affect matchmaking?

  • mexicowlmexicowl Member Posts: 53

    Damn this post is old and people like you still missed the whole part of wanting to still play with randoms so not kyf. You either didn't read it all the way through, you deliberately ignored an entire segment, or you lack reading comprehension and therefore can't provide a good counterpoint since you'll simply miss the original point.

  • mexicowlmexicowl Member Posts: 53

    That's not a bad option necessarily but I think you're assuming that those players you don't like are the same people. This game is massive, the odds that you're even rarely facing the same players is miniscule. Its usually just more and more random players having that same style because there's no punishment for it, only rewards. Blocking players wouldn't make you face it less, just guarantee you never faced that one particular player again.

  • Erd69Erd69 Member Posts: 221

    This isn't a competitive game. This game should never be competitive because it's not balanced, and seeing it as a competitive game is unfair because a 1v4 is not fair, meaning killers should be the power role and survivors the weaker side but have to play smart. I seriously don't know why people can't understand this.

  • ApollosApollos Member Posts: 1,052

    Very true, but I've had bad enough experiences with certain matches that I'd be fine with even that lol

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